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Hello there and welcome to The Crowded Kitchen, I’m your writer Taitiana. Before telling you a little bit about myself I would like to explain why I am writing this blog. Simply enough I love baking and I know there are tons of other people out there who love it too. All my recipes are my own so sharing them is very special to me as I want other people to enjoy them and to take my recipes and put their own spin on it as well.

To tell you a little about myself, I am 23 years old and a junior in college majoring in Business and minoring in Art History. I live with three awesome women and as you can tell from the picture above we’re all very silly. That being said, I don’t want this blog to be FOOD FOOD FOOD and strictness, I want this blog to be fun and for you all to have fun and look forward to reading my new post. I want you to know the thought process behind what made me think of this recipe and to see a little of my personality as well. So I hope you get all that from this blog.

A little information about this blog: how did I get the name The Crowded Kitchen? Easy, I live in an apartment style college housing with three woman and our kitchen is very crowded as we all have our own food and food preferences. We all cook at different times of the day and sometimes leave a mess behind us, so the kitchen can get crowded and cluttered very easily; but at my age and the stage I’m at in life, it’s all awesome experiences to me.

How did I come to get mixed up in the baking life? Well as for most people I started with my mom. She has one serious sweet tooth, to the point where she’ll forgo dinner and eat a pastry or bad enough she’ll forgo food for the whole day and just eat sweets. I never got the whole sweet tooth things as I’m more of a burgers and french fry person, and boy oh boy let me tell you I will commit first degree murder on a plate of fries; but I always baked with her as it was our together time.

As I got older I found the Food Network and took culinary classes at my high school, turns out I was good at it, so I enrolled at the local Vocational High School in my town and became a culinary major, cooking and baking at least 3 hours a day. I won Best Baker and got to participate in competitions. Sadly I realized I didn’t like the competitive nature of baking as being competitive just isn’t in me. So I continued baking but once I graduated high school I enrolled in college and taught baking classes to the ladies at my church, so now that I graduated community college and moved out of the house, into an apartment, and enrolled into University, I’m starting this blog to share all I’ve learned and hopefully inspire a few people to take up a whisk and handle kitchen business. Some picture below show you a few things you can expect from this blog. I really hope you enjoy this journey along with me, as it’s a learning experience for me too.

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