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Cinnamon Spiced Biscuit Donuts

Happy December lovely readers! This post is my “busy people gotta bake” post. Its a 15 Minute Cinnamon Spiced Biscuit Donut, the biscuit part is because we’re using prepackaged biscuit dough. *GASP* prepackaged? Yes and trust me it taste amazing. The main thing I like about this recipe, besides the taste, is the fact that it’s still homemade and your own even though your getting some help in the time consuming department.



Behind the Scenes (BTS): Sadly this frying a biscuit into a donut was not my idea, apparently it’s all over the internet and I’m just finding out about it. I was researching biscuit recipes to make them from scratch and then I found this whole fry your prepackaged biscuit dough and turn it into a donut phenomenon, it was really too tempting not to try. So I tried it with a simple and traditional twist before I decided to get crazy with other flavors (which I will). I have tons of seasoned sugar at my house from lemon, lime, orange and cinnamon and I chose to use my cinnamon sugar. Not that interesting of a BTS but very insightful I suppose.

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Usually whenever I make donuts it’s from scratch, which is probably why I rarely make donuts. I use a brioche dough recipe and do all the necessary steps to make a donut, while I love the handmade process it can take upwards of half a day just to make not even a full dozen so I usually only do it when it’s requested of me. I think this will be my “I’m busy and want to make some donuts in a jiffy” recipe and will be used way more than my handmade method. I’ll just channel my inner Sandra Lee.


Adjustments: I made no adjustments to this recipe, why would I? It was so easy, no lie in 15 minutes you’ll have these donuts; so stick to the path of ease and surprise friends and family.  The next time I try this, which will be soon, I will try different flavors and different methods of flavoring. This can be a tad bit on the difficult side since you can only really flavor it after you’ve fried it since it’s already dough and not made from scratch.

the lovely and hilarious Jace so sweet to be my donut model and co-test taster! love you Jace!
the lovely and hilarious Jace was so sweet to be my donut model and co-test taster! love you Jace!

Ta-Ta-For-Now: Well with a easy recipe we have a quick written post. I hope you all enjoy this recipe and use it since it really is simple; usually all my recipes require at least 40 minutes of your time so giving you guys something easy and quick is a pleasure. Love you all and ENJOY!

Cinnamon Spiced Biscuit Donuts


1 case of Pillsbury Original Biscuit Layered Dough

1 c. (200 grams) Sugar

¼ c. (50 grams) Cinnamon

Material Needed:

Paper Towel


Vegetable Oil

Medium size pot

Medium sized bowl

Donut hole cutter or piping tip


  1. Pour oil into pout until 3/4 full. Turn on stove to medium-high and let it heat up. (Hint: To know when your dough is ready to be put in the oil take a piece of the punched out donut hole and put it in the oil, if it begins to sizzle and slowly rise to the top it’s ready, if it sinks down and stays there it’s not hot enough and if it immediately starts to fry and turns brown too quickly then it too hot and you should take it off the burner to cool down and turn your stove down)
  2. Open your biscuit roll and take out all 8, take your donut hole cutter or your piping tip and begin to give the biscuit dough the donut shape and punch out holes in the middle, if your using the piping tip use the biggest side.)
  3. Combine your sugar and cinnamon into a medium size bowl and mix thoroughly.
  4. Once hot enough put two biscuit doughs at a time in the oil, once browned flip over with chopsticks or other flipping utensils. This should take 1 to 3 minutes as a whole. Once fully fried put on paper towels to take the excess oil off then immediately put into cinnamon sugar and cover thoroughly.
  5. Continue with the rest of the biscuit dough until all 8 are finished. You can eat instantly or wait; they stay good for 3 days in an airtight container.

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