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Banana Cranberry Bread

Hello readers, it’s time we start to get into the Christmas spirit, this recipe is the easiest thing you could ever make besides Top Ramen (which as a college student I can make blindfolded). This post is for Banana Cranberry Bread; it was major hit in my apartment, they loved the sweetness the banana gave the bread and that the tart cranberry counteracted the sweetness. Needless to say I will be making this again when Christmas time comes and for the Annual Mother Daughter bake off at a family friend’s house.



Behind the Scenes: The way this bread happened was the way most last minute recipes happen, I’ve been trying to add more banana to my diet and I let two of the last bananas get too ripe to be edible, it was basically mush and since I’m in my twenties and still have all my teeth I would prefer not to drink my food just yet.

I was looking up basic banana bread recipes that would only use things I had at my house, easy enough I already had everything and of course I had to make it something special so I added cranberries. I already had cranberries since I was planning on making some Christmas treats for Christmas posts so I decided to use that rather than raspberries or blueberries, which I’m glad I did.



Taste: I love the taste of banana bread over regular plain bananas, I usually add cinnamon and nutmeg to my banana breads but since I had the cranberries this time I chose to omit those two spices. The thing I added more of was fine sea salt and actually only used cinnamon sugar to sprinkle over the top of the loaf along with the sea salt. I can’t seem to stay away from the cinnamon sugar.

The sweetness of extremely ripe bananas, which is awesome because it’s a natural sweetness not a cane sugar coin sweetness like most desserts, and the tartness of the cranberries was fantastic! The thing I liked most was that the cranberries held their shape throughout the baking process and they were so scattered throughout the batter than every second or third bite you would get a cranberry surprise, and who doesn’t love surprises (actually I don’t but that’s not the point).

Also, I like the top of my breads whenever I make them a tad bit crunchy, if you do as well keep it in the oven for about 10 – 15 more minutes more. I love how the outsides of the loaf are toastier and the inside is still soft and moist!

Say hello to my chicken leg!
Say hello to my chicken leg!


Adjustments: When finding this basic banana bread recipe online the main adjustment I made was the amount of banana and the amount of sugar and flour. I figured since the cranberries would be in there I should add more flour and it seemed to help while also giving the bread a sturdier texture and omitting the extra banana helped the texture as well. When it came to the sugar since the bananas were so ripe already there was no need for that much sugar and I think it was for the best.

One of the main things when it comes to finding recipes online (these recipes included) is that you have to trust your gut when it comes to certain ingredients. I don’t like my food or drinks overly sweet and that’s something I always look out for no matter what. Also, if you wanted to you could add about 1/2 c. (120 grams) of chocolate chips as well. It also gives a great compliment to all the flavors.



Make It Your Own (MITO): I always encourage you guys to make these recipes your own because I know I feel accomplished, artistic and original when I do it. If you were to add another type of berry fruit in this I would suggest you freeze the fruit or buy frozen fruit. Cranberries don’t have a lot of water in them so there wasn’t much to worry about when it comes to this bread, raspberries and blackberries are a different story, they’re mostly water so that could affect the texture of the bread; blueberries are a bit better.



Ta-Ta-For-Now: Well I’m off, I’m completely into relaxing this winter break from school. Next semester will be equally as tough if not more than this semester since I’ll more than likely have an internship as well, ugh, the struggle of trying to make it in America. hehehe. Well, I hope you all enjoy this recipe and tell me how it goes if you do make it! ENJOY!



Banana Cranberry Bread


2 Bananas (300 grams) (mashed)

3/4  c. (150 grams) Sugar

1/2 c. (112 grams) Vegetable Oil

2 eggs (100 grams)

2 1/2 c. (350 grams) All Purpose Flour

1 tsp. (8 grams) Baking Soda

1/2 tsp. (4 grams) Salt

1 c. (100 grams) Cranberries

Materials Needed:

5×9 Loaf Pan

Parchment Paper

Medium sized bowl

Small bowl


  1. Preheat oven to 350F/180C and measure out all ingredients.
  2. Add mashed bananas, sugar, eggs and oil to a small bowl or large cup and mix well making sure all ingredients are combined.
  3. Sift your dry ingredients, flour, salt, baking soda, and mix your cranberries in your dry ingredients. This will prevent the cranberries from sinking to the bottom of your bread.
  4. Mix your dry ingredients to your wet ingredients and mix thoroughly. Pour into your greased loaf pan and bake for 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. Make sure you stick your knife all the way in the bread to make sure it comes out clean.
  5. Once fully cooled, slice your bread and you can toast it, make it into a sweet stuffing, eat it plain or if you want stale it a bit and turn into an awesome bread pudding! I’m full of ideas!


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