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15 Minute Cabernet Sauvignon Biscuit Donuts

Hello lovely people of world, this week’s post is a twist a previous week’s post of Cinnamon Spice Biscuit Donuts. I told you guys I would try something new and this is what I did, put liquor on a donut. When in doubt pour it out!



Behind the Scenes (BTS): I knew for a fact I wanted to try out the biscuit donut again I just didn’t know how I wanted to go about it; while the biscuit donut is quick and easy it’s also a little bit hard to make your own because the main and basically only way to put flavor on it is after you’ve fried it. Of course one could say isn’t that the way all donuts are but it would have been cool to turn it into a lemon meringue biscuit donut or something; don’t count me out just yet, I’ll find a way to do that as well. So when push came to shove, I punched back with alcohol.



Flavors 101: Let me start off by saying I HATE red wine, way too strong and bitter for me, I like my alcohol in a smaller bottle, fruitier and in a four pack, because I’m a semi ratchet college student. hehehe. Obviously I didn’t buy the wine, my roommate’s sister did and she left it here. What are a bunch of low class alcohol drinkers to do when there’s a fancy upper class wine in the house? That’s right, tacky it up and put it on the donut. While I didn’t like the flavors of the wine by itself (I told my mom it was nasty and needed sugar and she just laughed at me) combined with a nice hearty donut and sweetened with some powdered sugar it made the wine better tasting in my opinion.


I also added vanilla in the glaze as well. You always hear wine professionals talking about a woodsy flavor, I never understood it until I tried to drink it and realize it wasn’t going down my throat. It tasted like Bambi’s homeland, like there was a twig in my mouth. The vanilla took some of that away as well and left a smooth after taste to the donut.



Also I added a bit of fine sea salt on top of the donut; soon after you’ve glazed the donut, not too soon, right when it seems like its about to harden up sprinkle it on. Obviously since I always talk about it and use it in my recipes I like sea salt. I like all salty things, including my personality. (I am on fire with the jokes today!)



Adjustments: I didn’t really do any adjusments to this recipe, while it’s no longer a secret I don’t like the taste of wine after I made some minor tweeks to the recipe it was all fine, I’m sure for some people out there the taste of the wine will still be too strong, if it is adding some simple sugar (1 part sugar to 1/2 part water over the stove until sugar is dissolved) will do the trick. If you want your glaze not as sweet you can add some bitters. (not going to lie, I never thought to add bitters to my glaze personally because to me the wine was already too bitter. This is just my Food Network raised opinion.)



Ta-Ta-For-Now: I hope you all like this post. It was a new range for me. Not in difficulty or imagination just in the overall sense. I rarely cook with alcohol really and never with wine (I probably won’t jump on the wine cooking bandwagon still) so the fact that I tried it out and it worked was a nice pat on the back moment. Try this recipe, tell me what you think and ENJOY!

15 Minute Cabernet Sauvignon Biscuit Donuts


1 case of Pillsbury Original Biscuit Layered Dough

1 c. (100 grams) Powdered (Caster) Sugar

1/ 8 c. (28 grams) Cabernet Sauvignon

1 tbsp. (8 grams) Vanilla Paste

Material Needed:

Paper Towel


Vegetable Oil

Medium size pot

Medium sized bowl


Donut hole cutter or piping tip


  1. Pour oil into pout until 3/4 full. Turn on stove to medium-high and let it heat up. (Hint: To know when your dough is ready to be put in the oil take a piece of the punched out donut hole and put it in the oil, if it begins to sizzle and slowly rise to the top it’s ready, if it sinks down and stays there it’s not hot enough and if it immediately starts to fry and turns brown too quickly then it too hot and you should take it off the burner to cool down and turn your stove down)
  2. Open your biscuit roll and take out all 8, take your donut hole cutter or your piping tip and begin to give the biscuit dough the donut shape and punch out holes in the middle, if your using the piping tip use the biggest side.)
  3. Once hot enough put two biscuit doughs at a time in the oil, once browned flip over with chopsticks or other flipping utensils. This should take 1 to 3 minutes as a whole. Once fully fried put on paper towels to take the excess oil off.
  4. Continue with the rest of the biscuit dough until all 8 are finished.
  5. In the medium size bowl sift your powdered (caster) sugar and then pour in your Cabernet Sauvignon and vanilla paste, mix well it should be thick yet drizzle from your whisk.
  6. Dunk each donut in your glaze and once all are done, dunk them once more, and again for a third and last time. This will give your donuts a good coat. Once done, sprinkle some fine sea salt on the top of the donut.
  7. You can eat instantly or wait; they stay good for 3 days in an airtight container. Enjoy these beauties with a nice glass of red wine as well.

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