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hey all, today is the last day of february and it’s gone by really fast. i thoroughly enjoyed this month’s post as one was a savory post and that’s not post i usually do, so i figured we could go over the post and i’ll give you my top 5 recipe testing helpful hint + suggestion.

photo 4c photo 4b

Banana + Dark Chocolate Chip Scones & Dark Chocolate + Cherry Scones

i love scones (and banana and chocolate), i have so many scone recipes on the blog already and i’ll probably have more; i always say i’ll take a break from scones but never do, everyone in the apartment, including myself, loves scones way too much and i love finding different scones to make, so scones will be in the blog atmosphere forever probably. Especially when they’re in those cute cutout shapes!

photo 2 photo 2c


Cinnamon Twist Bread

this post was simple in m eyes, the bread dough recipe was easy and besides the yeast, which i’m finding out everyone has, every ingredient in this recipe you have at home. this recipe reminds you of those store-bought breads and that’s one of my favorite things to make, a healthier and tastier version of something we’ve all been eating for years and it’s easy to adjust flavors to your liking, both adding and subtracting ingredients.

photo 3 photo 4

Banana+ Chocolate Chip Cupcakes w. Peanut Butter White Chocolate Ganache

this one was a doozy, not because it was complicated to make (because it was extremely easy) but because i knew by the sound of the recipe name people would probably shy away from with, with roasted banana and white chocolate ganache it proved to be one i had to be extremely detailed with in my post; but it seemed as if i was worried about nothing because the views this recipe got was one of my best, it even rivaled one of my other top recipe which made me feel more than just a wee bit happy.

photo 3(1) photo 4

Ricotta + Roasted Shredded Chicken filled Manicotti w. a Spicy Bechamel Sauce

i was not going to post this recipe, it was my first savory post and i didn’t feel i did the best job with the pictures, i plan on taking better ones on day but for now i don’t know how i feel about it. i’m probably being too hard on myself, but at the same time i’m proud of my first post, when i think about the first pictures i took for the blog i’m no longer nervous or upset about this post, i know next time will be better……hopefully. taking pictures of savory food is so much different than sweets.

photo 2(4) photo 5(1)Top 5 Helpful Hints + Suggestions……recipe testing..

recipe testing can be a bitch! sorry for the vulgar language but it can be. I’m currently having some trouble with a recipe right now and i suppose i’m taking my frustration out on the post. I usually don’t have many recipe fails, i’m one of the lucky ones, but it’s because after so many years i usually have a recipe for everything.

  1. have a base recipe – i know everyone wants to do things from scratch, but if we’re being honest you need at least a base recipe. a base recipe is the simplest of simple recipe which gives you lee-way into making the recipe yours. i suggest cook.com for base recipes, they seriously have the best simple recipes and the comments below give you a good idea of the first adjustments you should make.
  2. have a recipe idea – you want to have an idea of the type and amount of ingredients you want to use, not just pour things in, you also need to be aware of moisture content and what an addition will do to a recipe. example: you want to make lemon pound cake and want as much lemon flavor as possible so you add 1/2 cup of lemon juice, all that lemon juice will curdle the eggs in the oven and your pound cake with look and taste terrible. you either want to make a curd or cook out the acidity of the lemon juice by making it into a simple syrup over the stove and add as much zest to the cake as well.
  3. half the recipe – when you make a new recipe i would suggest making a small amount first, not too small to where you have to quarter an egg or something, maybe just half the recipe, usually if something calls for 6 eggs in a recipe i’ll either half it or third it, and if the test comes out successful i’ll make the entire portion and see how things go. it also saves you from wasting so many ingredients if it doesn’t work out.
  4. learn easier techniques – so many recipes call for so many tools and that’s not necessary, when you recipe test you want to use the least amount of tools (food processor, stove, grinder, etc.) as possible, you want your first outcome to not be hair pulling and stressful, as you continue to evolve the recipe then add some fancier techniques but you’d be surprise how little tools i’ve used and when someone has asked how i made it and i told them how easy it was because i bypassed all that stuff they we’re even more impressed.
  5. have the basic necessities and be prepared– you need the basics, i.e. bowls, spatulas, metal bowls, measuring cups, pans, all that stuff. it will make it harder on you if you’re scrambling around looking for stuff, which is why you should also be prepared, read through the instructions and recipe and make sure you have everything measured and sifted out. you want to be calm and have things run smoothly. i know it sounds weird but you can save yourself a lot of stress by doing this and once it’s time to do the actual baking you’ll have everything on hand which will also make it go by quicker. (p.s. also don’t forget to take notes as your making you recipe.)

current recipe testings…..

photo 1
this one is going great, just one more try to make sure it’s perfect
photo 3c
this one has one more try before i throw the whole thought out the window and burn the recipe while sipping on some gin and juice!!!!!


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