Mexican Queso Blanco Cheese Crackers

Happy days everyone! Once again we’re going left field and trying something new on the blog. I’m sure everyone knows about Cheez-Its, the cheese crackers and I hope you all know about that insanely delicious Queso Blanco Dip; if you don’t you should get familiar; I’m lactose intolerant and lord have mercy I love that thing with a passion, but I digress. Today on the blog we’re making homemade cheese crackers but we’re not using yellow American cheese and we’re not doing the exact recipe of the Queso Blanco dip but it is something amazing and something the entire family (or apartment in my case) will enjoy.

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Behind the Scenes (BTS): I’ve wanted to make something different from cakes, cookies, scones, and muffins for a while now but I was in a bit of a rut thinking what I wanted to make, it then dawned on me to make crackers, the idea of homemade crackers isn’t original but I wanted to make some from scratch and not make cake for a while; I opted not to make the typical yellow homemade Cheez-Its but something different, the supermarket I shop at was having a sale on New Zealand White Cheddar and I had to give it a go (I love the Kiwis), I also had some Four Cheese Mexican on hand and decided to meld those two cheeses together, it turned out great and I’m excited for you all to experience it. (p.s. if you don’t have New Zealand Cheddar any type of white cheddar will do.)

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Adjustments: no real adjustments were made for this recipe besides the additions of the cheese and seasonings; this recipe makes almost 40 crackers but they go quickly, they were gone before the end of the weekend at my house so that’s a good sign, they’re also pretty light and crispy so don’t fret when you think about the amount they’re going to make. If you want it’s possible to half this recipe; but when I found a basic cracker recipe I had forth it to this recipe already since I thought the amount was a little on the hefty side.

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Alterations: there are countless alterations one can do with this recipe, while I’m still trying to work out a recipe for a sweet cracker (YUM!) you can substitute any white cheese you want for this recipe. I plan on trying a jack cheddar recipe sometime soon so I suggest giving that type of cheese a try as well. Also as I stated at the beginning of the post I’m lactose intolerant so while I did use regular cheese I also used lactaid milk and I’m sure you can replace the lactose filled cheese with vegan cheese as well; I just love cheese so much that I can’t help myself. 

p.s. I also sprinkled some paprika onto only one sheet tray of the crackers just for fun, but the taste was pronounced; I also sprinkled some kosher salt on each cracker (a pinch on each will do) just to give it that normal salty cracker taste, it really rounds out the flavors of the cheese and the paprika combines with the other seasonings in the cracker as well to make the recipe perfect; although if paprika isn’t your thing you can omit it.

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Helpful Hints & Suggestions: when it comes to rolling out the crackers thinness is key, you want these cracker super thin that way you can have that amazing crunch factor to it but the best part is it doesn’t take a lot of elbow grease to roll it out this thin anyway, I did all the rolling for these crackers in the span of maybe 45 minutes and that’s mostly because I stopped to talk to my roommates a couple times. I also suggest having a silicon mat or parchment paper, to roll this that thin you’d need flour, raw flour tends to have that gross smell, bitter taste, and unsightly dark burned look to it after baking. You can roll it on the silicon mat and carefully pull it off and lay it onto your cutting table, then proceed to cut it into the shapes you want, I used a round piping tip to get those cute circles in the middle.

IMG_3560 IMG_3557

Ta-Ta-For-Now: well that’s all over here. This recipe is a winner and a great homemade snack, it’s healthier (something you don’t always get on this blog), fresher, and tastier than any box cheese cracker you buy at the store, so sit gather around in the kitchen with your homies and have a fun cracker making night. ENJOY!

Mexican Queso Blanco Cracker


1 c. (140 grams) – flour

1/2 tbsp. (7 grams) – sugar

1/4 tsp. (2 grams) – salt

3/4 c. (75 grams) – white cheddar cheese

1/4 c. (25 grams) – Mexican Four Cheese

1 tsp. (8 grams) – onion + garlic powder, ground pepper + paprika (1 tsp. each)

1 tsp. (8 grams) – red pepper flakes

1 tsp. (4 grams) – cornstarch

1/4 c. (60 grams) – milk

1 tbsp. (15 grams) – butter


  1. Sift, Season, Set Aside: in a bowl sift your flour, and all seasoning except for your red pepper flakes and set aside.
  2. Grate, Process + Mix: grate your cheese and sprinkle your cornstarch over your cheese and mix thoroughly; take your cheese and put it in a food processor, once your cheese has come together into a ball add your red pepper flakes and process it for a few more seconds, add your cheese to your flour mixture and combine, follow suite with your butter and finally add your milk and once all of your ingredients are amalgamated form your mixture into a ball and cut into four.
  3. Roll, Cut + Sprinkle: One piece at a time, roll your cracker dough out into a very thin square; you want it extremely thin, less than ¼ of an inch if you can. (helpful hint: it’s best to roll it onto a silicon mat flip it onto your cutting surface to prevent having to use flour, the raw flour in the oven at such a high heat will burn and have a bitter taste and ugly color, and bad smell to it), use your cookie cutter and cut out your shapes. Do this again to the remainder of your dough balls. This should take up two cookie pans. If you only want to use half and save the rest for later then wrap it with plastic wrap; it will last a few days in the fridge and a few months in the freezer. (Alteration: paprika is a great sprinkle on top of the cracks as well as a sprinkle of sea salt.)
  4. Bake and Eat: in your preheated 375F/190C oven bake your crackers for 5 to 7 minutes, place on a cooling rack and once fully cooled enjoy.

Downloadable Recipe: Mexican Queso Blanco Cracker


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