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Strawberry + Pomegranate Jam/Compote

HI lovely people of the internet, today’s post is incredibly easy and something that will be featured on future posts so I figured I’d post it as a recipe on it’s own because this is a recipe you can make an use by itself or in a plethora of ways as a component.
The name of the post might be a little confusing as it’s not really a jam and it’s not really a compote but sort of a mixture of the two. This is a very chunky and not too thick recipe, it resembles both a compote and a jam and so I named it both but it’s really a recipe on it’s own that can be used in plenty of ways and be substituted with other berry fruits.
So let’s get on with it! Let’s get JAMMIN’ (yes I know that was a lame joke but what jokes of mine aren’t)

photo 3(7)

Behind the Scenes (BTS): I’m not one to make homemade jam on a monthly basis and I’m not one to really prefer homemade jam to store bought jam because I don’t really eat or use jam and if we’re being honest it wasn’t until I was almost 20 when I even began a taste for jam.

Funny Story: When I was 19 I went to China for four moths to teach English to children, I was a fairly (that’s putting it lightly) picky eater and had a very selective diet, but going a few days without a proper full meal will take that picky-ness right out of the atmosphere. I began eating everything and anything….even dog, but it was accidental. I PROMISE! And by the time I came back to America being a picky eater was really no more, I would try anything. For the last two weeks I was there we traveled across the country and the last week we stayed in a hostel that fed us American bread with what they thought was American jam and after that I acquired a taste for jam.

I’ve made my own homemade jam a few times and they’ve all turned out nice, but this jam is beyond amazing, I think because this time I knew what I was doing more as well.

photo 2(4)photo 1(7)

Recipe: This recipe is insanely easy. It’s really just two steps with maybe an additional 3 mini steps. I used pectin in this recipe because I had some on hand since I was going to need it for another recipe but pectin isn’t cheap and if you won’t use it enough to really get your monies worth then go the way of old fashioned way of lemons and apples (apples have plenty of pectin so it can make your jam extremely natural without preservatives and homemade) which also helps breaks down the strawberries and cuts back with the sweetness. (Also: if you don’t want the pomegranate part of the jam then simply just leave it out and replace the other 2/3 c. (140 grams) with water or another fruit juice of your preference, orange juice would go great as well.)

photo 3(6) photo 2(5)

Helpful Hints & Suggestions: This really is easy but there are a few things I would suggest because it is jam and it does bubble places. You should have this over medium heat and stir occasionally at first and more often when it’s getting thick. Once you notice the fruit breaking down you’re almost done.

You also want the jam to cool all the way down before putting it in the fridge, when you put extremely hot food in the fridge immediately it can make the food spoil and get you sick and no jam is worth that.

photo 1(8) photo 3(7)

Ta-Ta-For-Now: Well like I said a very easy post and I think the pictures will help as well. You can use this jam as a spread on bread, a filling or in a dessert. This is a very organic and homemade fruit jam so it won’t last too long and it’s not meant to, it makes a very small amount because you do want to use it right away. I don’t know what the max time frame is because it’s never lasted more than a week in my kitchen, but you can smell when jam is bad and you can taste it because it’s extremely bitter and sour; but I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day or night and be safe. ENJOY! 

Loose Strawberry + Pomegranate Jam


3 c. (600 grams) Strawberries (quartered)

1/2 Lemon juiced

2/3 c. (140 grams) Pomegranate Juice

1/3 c. (85 grams) Water

2 tbsp. (25 grams) Sugar 

1 tbsp. (6 grams) pectin or 1 whole Granny Smith Apple (cut into little pieces)
1/2 tsp. (2 grams) fine sea salt

Materials Needed: 

Small Sauce Pan 

Wooden Spoon

Mason Jar or Airtight Tupperwar


1. Easy as One, Two, Three: 1. In a small to medium size sauce pan add 2 c. strawberries, lemon juice, sugar, pectin and salt over medium heat. Cook for 15-25 minutes with the occasional stir with a wooden spoon. 2. Take about 1/2 c. strawberry pomegranate jam and either blend or mash it until it smooth and add back to the pot and add the remainder of the strawberries. Cook for another 10 minutes until the new strawberries have softened, then take it off the stove. 3. Once cooled down a bit put in a bowl or small Tupperware and let cool down completely to room temperature before putting it in the fridge. 

 Downloadable Recipe:

Loose Strawberry + Pomegranate Jam


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