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Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberries Turnovers

In baking we don’t turn up we make turnovers!!! Yes that was lame but I’m still cracking up!!!

Well hello everyone! I’m really starting to love posting, I’ve always been crazy nervous whenever a post would go up but now I get excited, I don’t know exactly why but it’s a good feeling, maybe I’m just starting to get the hang of this whole blogging thing little by little. But anywhoooooo, today’s post is a perfect breakfast, cute dessert, snack or freeze and eat later treat. I’ll be honest when I say the closest I’ve ever really come to a turnover is a pop tart, but I think after this recipe you guys can expect a lot more turnover (or puff pastry required) treats. It’s simply AMAZING!

Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberry Turnovers || The Crowded Kitchen

When I was deciding which flavors I was going to use, I do what I always do, find out what’s cheapest first, that usually lends itself to being what seasonal, and for summer that’s strawberries. At my supermarket this whole summer strawberries have been get 2 16 ounce boxes of strawberries for $5 USD and you can’t beat that kind of deal. Lemons are also in season and lemon and strawberry, well lemon and any red berry, to me, is the best combination. Most red berries tend to be very sweet, especially when you roast it, and the tartness of lemons can counteract that and make the combination sing like Jennifer Hudson meets Adele meets any other heavy set wonder voice woman!

Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberry Turnovers || The Crowded Kitchen

Alterations: when it comes to alterations the possibilities are really fun to think about, you can do an orange curd (just replace the lemon juice with freshly squeezed orange juice) and use blueberries instead of strawberries and you have a cute and tasty twist. Actually, don’t do that; let me make that a blog post because that does sound really good!

You can replace the strawberries with any berry and the lemon with any other citrus. I would however recommend trying a Meyer Lemon in this recipe as well. A Meyer Lemon is sort of like an orange and a lemon had a super fruit awesome cute tasty baby and that paired with strawberries or raspberries would be killer.

**Also you should note that if you’re using a smaller berry the roasting time will be less as well. **


If anyone has any questions about turnovers or puff pastry, just think about a Danish, those nasty sweet fruit jelly filled flaky things that get served cold at almost every college or budget induced get together. I have personally always hated Danishes which is probably why I never took the time to really make anything puff pastry, but now I know it’s just the people making them that makes it nasty, not the recipe itself. So sorry Denmark, I hated your signature dish for no good reason. 

Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberry Turnovers || The Crowded Kitchen

Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberry Turnovers || The Crowded Kitchen

Helpful Hints & Suggestions: while I’m sure you think you have to keep puff pastry cold the whole time it’s not that serious. You need it to thaw to make it malleable and you need it soft enough to fill; because it will eventually get very soft, that’s why the directions say to put it in the freezer for some time to make it puff pastry like again.

You should also know you don’t need to bake them all at the same time, this is a freeze friendly recipe and it would be a great alternative to pop tarts or those other puff pastry like freezer isle foods.

When it comes to making this beauty, remember: I’m not usually as tedious in my day to day baking as I am when it comes to a blog post, I try to make the food pretty but also realistic, which is probably why I also don’t really use props for my food as well. All you really have is 3 steps: make the curd, defrost the puff pastry, make the roasted strawberries, assemble, bake and enjoy. Yes, as I wrote it I realized it was more than 3 steps but you catch my drift. The whole process seems harder than it really is and the pictures make it look like way too much work required than what’s really necessary.

Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberry Turnovers || The Crowded Kitchen

Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberry Turnovers || The Crowded Kitchen

Adjustments: this recipe makes 9 turnovers, which were actually not enough for my apartment for once, one roommate ate 4 in a matter of 30 minutes, the other ate 3 and then they kindly left two for me and my other roommate. So if you want to double this recipe that’s fine, but you should know you don’t have to double the entire lemon curd recipe, you can simply double the lemon juice and that’s it. The cooking time will be about 2 to 3 more minutes but it saves you butter and eggs since those add up after a while.

If you want to cheat sheet the crap out of this first, know it won’t be as good, and second, buy pre-made lemon curd and use either strawberry jam or marmalade. I would just make it as the recipe describes because homemade is always so much better, but I understand first hand when you’re in a pinch, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberry Turnovers || The Crowded Kitchen

Ta-Ta-For-Now: …..and that’s the end of this post. I really love this post; it’s so bright and sunny, just like summer; unless you live where I live where it’s humid, hot, dark, and always raining. Sunshine State my ass….

p.s. huge thanks to my constant hand model "Nugget Toes" thanks for always being photo ready and willing to take crazy directions from your crazy roommate! Love you!
p.s. huge thanks to my constant hand model “Nugget Toes” thanks for always being photo ready and willing to take crazy directions from your crazy roommate! Love you!

Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberries Turnover


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    1. My mom was just telling me about stevia since she has to watch hers as well. I hear it’s good. I’m lactose intolerant so I try and minimize my dairy so I go a little crazy sometimes with the sugar to make up. Haha.

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