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Mango + Coconut Swiss Meringues

I feel like meringues are perfect for any season as long as you make the proper adjustments.

Hey everyone! I stoked about this post because it’s a twist on a previous post. I feel like meringues are perfect for any season as long as you make the proper adjustments. For winter and fall you add heavier flavorings like chocolate, cookies and nuts, for spring you add more herbal or botanical flavorings like mint, lavender, or lilac and for summer you utilize every possible fruit there ever was! In this post we’re getting tropical with mango and coconut.

Mango + Coconut Swiss Meringues || The Crowded Kitchen

Like my previous meringue post, I’m using freeze dried fruit, its lighter, the flavor is more intense and it won’t alter the texture. I also added coconut since its a perfect match with mangos and I wanted a secondary flavor. The inside of this meringue is light, fluffy and has the texture of a slightly melted marshmallow, that with some yoghurt or ice cream is bar none excitement in a bowl. Some semi-frozen fruit works well with this as well, as the alternate texture of crunchy and soft and the temperature of warm and cold are seamless.

Behind the Scenes (BTS): besides giving off a tropical vacation feel, the main thing I wanted this recipe to be was versatile; I wanted it to be able to be eaten as breakfast, a snack, or dessert; and I’m kuddos that I can say it worked out perfectly. You can eat this with other fruits, berries are perfect and oranges and apples are a splendid addition as well. 

For dessert the main idea was the addition of ice cream, a nut ice cream or vanilla bean ice cream would work best with this meringue since not only would it add additional flavors and textures but when the ice cream would start to melt into the meringue the flavors would meld perfectly.

Mango + Coconut Swiss Meringues || The Crowded Kitchen

Mango + Coconut Swiss Meringues || The Crowded Kitchen

Once again, I used the Swiss meringue method, it ensures a more stable meringue and it makes the inside of the meringue denser which is something I want when you have multiple flavors and additional ingredients in your meringue; it helps avoid a collapse and gives you more options when it for pairing it with other fruits, yoghurts and ice cream since it won’t dissolve as soon as it touches the meringue, holding its own through the entire eating process.

Mango + Coconut Swiss Meringues || The Crowded Kitchen

Adjustments: as most of my recipes this recipe makes about 8 to 9 small to medium size meringues; but at the same time a small amount of meringue can do a lot. It’s much easier to look at the amount and think it wouldn’t be enough, but unless you’re making Eaton Mess then this amount should be fine for whatever additional ingredients you have planned for it.

All in the entire process takes around 90 minutes, and 60 minutes of that is cooking time, the actually elbow grease is maybe 15 to 20 minutes and you want an additional 10 minutes chill out time to help ensure everything sets up together. You also want to lightly, and I mean very lightly, grease your parchment paper and your cookie/ice cream scooper or spoon if you’re using one, this meringue is incredibly sticky and it ensures that you make a minimal mess and have the prettiest meringues ever!

Mango + Coconut Swiss Meringues || The Crowded Kitchen

Mango + Coconut Swiss Meringues || The Crowded Kitchen

Helpful Hints & Suggestions: the main helpful hint and suggestion I can give you is to make sure you whip the meringue until its thick! For major thickness you want to have your hand mixer on the constant move, this incorporates extra air into the meringue making it fluffier and creates extra volume, thick of a Brazilian blow out!

Another helpful hint I want to give you is letting you know that a candy thermometer isn’t necessary for learning when the egg whites and sugar mixture should be taken off the stove; you can tell by two things.

  1. The sugar will be completely dissolved. Rub your fingers in the mixture, don’t worry you won’t burn yourself, and if you still feel grains then the mixture isn’t ready, if you don’t then the mixture is ready to be taken off the stove.
  2. The mixture will be looser but thicker at the same time. You won’t feel the pull of the sugar but you will feel the attachment of the melted sugar and egg whites; on top of that the mixture will also be a bit foamy since you’re constantly whipping it. You can also tell by the sides of the bowl as the sugar grains there will have basically disappeared.

Mango + Coconut Swiss Meringues || The Crowded Kitchen

I actually made this as a birthday treat for my roommate’s older sister, she loves macarons and meringues so I figured it’d be a good gift. I much prefer making gifts that buying them, and people seem to appreciate it as well.

Mango + Coconut Swiss Meringues || The Crowded Kitchen

Ta-Ta-For-Now: that’s all for now folks. I really like this recipe as a multiple recipe option throughout the day. The possibilities are endless and the combinations are flavorful. If you can think of any other fun stuff to create with this recipe, which is plenty fine by itself as well, give it a try. Nothing beats a failure but a try.


Mango Coconut Swiss Meringue Cookies

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    1. Oh it’s sooooo hard. A hand mixer is the best alternative to a stand mixer and you can get one easy for $15USD. And if you can’t find freeze dried mango then 3 tbsp of mango jam will be a good substitute.


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