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Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts

Because fake-outs need to happen sometimes when your lazy, busy or you just frickin’ want to!

So today I love, love, love this post, both for the recipe and for the craziness that came with it. This post is all about the infamous cronut and how to make it at the drop of the hat, I’ve made cronuts from scratch and while it’s always exciting and intriguing to make things from scratch it can sometimes be tiresome as well; making cronuts has tendencies of being quiet the process and I have to be in a specific mood to even consider it, so I wanted to make a fake out that would give the flakiness of the croissant and the fluffiness of a donut, it all worked out in the end and it’s all thanks to biscuit dough in a can, the flaky kind to be exact.

Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts || The Crowded Kitchen

I’ve never had the “Original” Dominic Ansel cronut, because I’m not willing to stay in a line and wait hours for anything, (I JUST got the iPhone 6) and because I live in the south and when I visit my family up north I’m giving them my time. I have, on the other hand, tasted a cronut from places where I live and they’ve been delicious, sometimes a little too sweet for my taste and other times perfect, which is why I wanted this cronut to have the tartness of the lemon and the sweetness of the jam, balanced by the more “manly” flavor of the vanilla sugar with the slight sweetness and fun of the powdered sugar which is mostly to help cover up some of the injection holes.

Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts || The Crowded Kitchen

Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts || The Crowded Kitchen

BTS: I’m sure you know by now I live with three other people and one of them constantly agrees to be my “hand model” because she’s frickin’ awesome! This time, our other roommate, her sister and my infamous “sexi lexi” was also home, I decided to have her join the picture taking gang and all hell broke loose. My “hand model” or my nugget as I call her, has some strange cough going on that makes her sound like Satan and decided to have a cough attack (away from the food of course and everything she touch, she ate). I simply said “Lucifer, get out!” and all of a sudden sexi lexi lost the little bit of mind she had and couldn’t contain her laughter. She laughed to the point where she spilled the powdered sugar.

Then the little nugget tried to talk and that just made things worse, which lead to sugar being spilled. It got to the point where we were all cracking up for reasons we didn’t even know and the whole “photoshoot” as we like to call it became a serious cough/laugh/spill/make a mess/ situation that made my day! I usually get so nervous taking pictures since photography isn’t my strongest suit, but today that was at the back of my mind and just being silly and having a germ filled photoshoot with my homies was my top priorities. It all worked out though because I think the photos came out great.

Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts || The Crowded Kitchen

Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts || The Crowded Kitchen

Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts || The Crowded Kitchen

Anyway, enough of the craziness that is my apartment and back to the faux-cronut, while I try not to have specific tool requirements in most of my blog post, an injector is sort of a requirement, it could be a savory food injector, the ones people use in turkeys or a long piping tip that injects into sweet food, but either way you need an injector. I know this might not be the best of things, but I don’t know of any other way to get the jam and curd in the cronut other than with an injector and believe me I thought of a ton.

Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts || The Crowded Kitchen

HH//HELPFUL HINTS & SUGGESTIONS//: this isn’t a hard recipe at all! trust me, but there are certain things you can do to make sure everything is tasty and goes smoothly.

  1. Make sure you keep your dough cold until the last minute, the butter in the biscuit can soften and it won’t rise or have the flakes it should.
  2. Make sure the oil is hot, a candy thermometer is optional, but you want your oil hot enough to fry but not so hot that it will burn. If you don’t have a candy thermometer then take a piece of the donut hole and drop it in the oil, if it sinks to the bottom and stays there the oil is still not hot enough, if it rises to the top quickly and there are bubbles all around it bubbling quickly then it’s too hot, but if it drops to the bottom and slowly rises to the top with a layer or two max of bubbles around it then it’s perfect. Perfect Goldy Locks example.
  3. You can also fill your piping bag or injector before you start the frying process, simply keep the tip up, (you can clamp it closed to make sure no jam or curd slips out) and tie the top of the piping bag with a rubber band.
  4. Last but not least, store bough is completely fine, I know I usually make my own curd but sometimes semi-homemade is perfect. Store bought lemon curd in a pinch works in all kinds of situations and keeping some just for spur of the moment situations is always logical.

Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts || The Crowded Kitchen

Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts || The Crowded Kitchen

Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts || The Crowded Kitchen

While I know this is a food blog I love whenever I make things and my roommates come over to see what it is, usually they wait until the finale and then eat the food but this time they wanted to see what was going on, kept me company and we had an all-around good time. It made this whole blogpost process the best one I’ve had in a while, I had so much energy I downloaded the pictures, edited, wrote out the final recipe, wrote this post and saved it to the draft. It was honestly a good day….to die hard. (sorry but I had to)

Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts || The Crowded Kitchen

Ta-Ta-For-Now: well that’s it for now, sorry but not sorry for all the rambling about my roommates but it was such a fun couple hours how could I not! I feel like the process was made that much better by it and I hope it happens more, not too often though because the mess cleanup was a little on the tiresome side. Enjoy everyone and have a great remainder of your day! xx


Lemon Curd & Blackberry Jam Faux-Cronuts


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