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Walnut & Browned Butter Friands

a new job, a big move, graduate school, some future blog changes and my favorite season: fall. It seems like things are looking up!

Well hey everyone! I’ve been extremely lazy with blogging lately but I’ve also been busy! As I stated in a previous post I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree this summer and I haven’t updated you guys much since then; I got a new job out of state, in Arizona to be exact, I’ve started graduate school, I plan on some future changes for the blog and I’m gearing up for some serious adulting! side note: this isn’t going to be like most of my blog post, I will of course talk about the recipe some, but this is more of a note of circumstance.

Browned Butter + Walnut Friands || The Crowded Kitchen

Browned Butter + Walnut Friands || The Crowded Kitchen

First and foremost, the blog will be going through some changes, since I will be living alone (for the first time ever!) it won’t really be much of a crowded kitchen anymore, and I really want a fresh start with everything in life, this blog included, I plan on actually trying harder at blogging seeing as I’m a very lackadaisical blogger, I want to get better at pictures, write more about where I’ll be living and the new upcoming journey. I haven’t yet decided on a new name for the blog but hopefully by November I will have one picked out. I for some reason want it to have a cute feminine name. (any suggestions?)

Browned Butter + Walnut Friands || The Crowded Kitchen

Browned Butter + Walnut Friands || The Crowded Kitchen

Second, the move and job: well as a graduate you’re expected to actually get a job with your degree, so that’s what I did. I knew I wanted to go into the field of serving and still use my degree in marketing and that’s what I’ll be doing. In detail I’ve joined the AmeriCorps (the domestic version of the Peace Corps) and will be serving for 1 year in Arizona, Tucson to be precise. I’ll be doing business liaison and market research for my county and best of all I’ll be helping people. This is the plan I’ve had for my life since I was 13 and the fact that it’s all happening is somewhat overwhelming but even more: exciting.

Browned Butter + Walnut Friands || The Crowded Kitchen

Third; graduate school: well I’ll be doing what a lot of people in today’s world do: working and schooling. I’ve decided to get my MBA and my concentration will be in Market Research and Social Media Analytics. Despite my aversion to social media I do like what it can attain in a business format and noting that there is more to social media than selfies. I love the market research aspect since I’m a very inquisitive and analytical person so it works for me to find my market and see what can sell, the probability of success and recommendations for fix whatever problem that may be occurring for the company, location, etc.

Browned Butter + Walnut Friands || The Crowded Kitchen

Fourth; the journey ahead and this recipe: this is probably the most I’ve ever talked about myself on this blog, I really am a private person and I’ve always been that way, I keep so much to myself so it feels unnatural to let it all hang out on the internet, but with this new journey ahead I plan to be more open in certain aspects. I currently live in Florida and I have since I was 10, I’ve also hated living in Florida since I was 10, when you’re young you think I’m leaving as soon as possible, but school isn’t cheap and in state tuition is your best friend, so I stayed, got my education and now I’m making a bee-line to another state. I didn’t really have my mind set on a specific place, just a place I’ve never been before and Arizona is that place.

Browned Butter + Walnut Friands || The Crowded Kitchen

Browned Butter + Walnut Friands || The Crowded Kitchen

Once I graduated I applied to jobs in California, New York (although I did live there before), Hawaii, Arizona and Texas; I got the job in Arizona on a Thursday, found my apartment on a Saturday, moved out of my college apartment two weeks later and now I’m living back with the parental unit until I leave for my job which will be in November. It was really time for me to leave, be independent and leave to survive without using someone as a crutch and I’m more than ready to give it a try; not to get all poetic but the timing couldn’t be more perfect, fall, the changing of seasons and life and all of that, I love fall, my favorite season and I’m just ready to see how my life changes, this recipe is something I actually made for my birthday in September instead of a cake and it was roughly something I had never made before but was a complete winner.

Browned Butter + Walnut Friands || The Crowded Kitchen

I love fall flavors, fashion, colors and weather so this walnut and browned butter friand will be a fall staple. The flavors are warm, the color is a typical fall brown and it’s incredibly moist and filling for the incoming weather. Friands are basically French muffins, but lighter and more filling. I like the fanciness of it and it’s definitely a perfect conclusion to what the Crowded Kitchen Food Blog was all about, simple quick staple recipes that still had something special to it. I’m excited to say good bye to all things “stable” and hello to all things foreign. I know I’m rambling so I’ll stop and let you guys look at the recipe below. Thank you all for the almost year of reading!

DOWNLOADABLE RECIPE: Browned Butter + Walnut Friands


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