hello all! it’s been some time since this blog has been updated (a whole year to be exact) and i used that time to try my hand at adulting. when i started this blog i was in college and had a lot more free time on my hands since i’m not the most social of individuals, but once i graduated, got a job, moved across the country and really got an aspect of life without the barriers of common youth i realized that i didn’t like the way i was blogging. it seems liked i wasn’t doing it in a way that seemed authentic. i realized that i wanted some time away from blogging, which is something i’ve done countless times by now, to

1. see if i really wanted to still do it and

2. to figure out how exactly i would want to do it.

after this year off i’ve decided to give it a go again, but on different terms. so this is my welcome back post, what’s been happening and what this blog will become.

so what’s been happening: well i no longer live in florida (thank god!) and i now live in arizona. i actually like arizona a lot, except for the summers; those things can go straight to hell and never come back! i’ve found friends that are more like me (sexi lexi is still mi numero uno amiga though) and i’ve become more independent which was very good for me and i think will be good for this blog as well.

what this blog will become: well if you haven’t notice i’ve changed the name of this blog. ironically enough i actually have an even smaller kitchen (the former name of this blog used to be “the crowded kitchen” if you didn’t know) but instead of four people sharing one kitchen, it’s just me. i’ve decided to re-name this blog something that had a little more me in it: neurotic, i’ve been called that my entire life, by almost everyone i’ve ever met! it’s not something i’m ashamed of, in fact i embrace it, i understand it’s just the way i am; and food stories: because every blog post is a story; i like writing and i would like to incorporate that into this blog as well. i also won’t be doing the usual once a week blog post. i really didn’t like having a schedule of when i should upload a post, but i will try to do two blog posts a month, but i feel that quality should overcome quantity on this blog.

last but not least, what type of post to expect: a lot more savory post, because while i like sweets, i’ll choose a sandwich over a cupcake any day of the week. i’d also like to incorporate non-food post, like a “favorites” maybe, i love reading, going to different places, exploring places in my town, arts and crafts etc. and i would like to share that on this blog as well.

so welcome back and let’s try this blogging thing for the nth time, but hopefully this time i follow my own rules.


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