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Poultry Dinner for One Two or Three (Four You’re Not Included)

my first post back from my sabbatical, i’m going to call it my “stretch post” as i’m still not feeling 100 percent back into the groove of things – mostly picture taking. i reckoned around this time of year – thankskilling to be exact – why not make a turkey dish; i planned weeks ahead of this post of what i would make and guess what? none of it happened. i was either too tired, too lazy or didn’t feel like eating turkey; but behold here i am with a “turkey” dish; i’m not going to bullshit you and continue to say “turkey” because it’s chicken since i wanted chicken specifically for chicken soup tomorrow and figured i’d slowly – dip the little toe in if you will – get back into blogging land and let me tell you: i forgot how much taking pictures is an utter pain in my ass. i can’t put my finger on it just yet but i’m fairly certain it’s my glutinous need to hurry up and get cooked food to my mouth and my reluctance to fully accept that half chewed food just isn’t alluring to anyone. (fyi: this is basically the first time i’ve ever made the dish, edited the photos and posted it on the blog all in the same day. huge kudos for me!)


if you’ve read my welcome back post you’ll know that i want to integrate more savory dishes onto the blog, and guess what that entails? measuring; lordhavemercy (it’s one word if your mother is trying to refrain from beating your ass) – measuring dry spices is the oddest thing ever! maybe it’s just me; but i usually shake the season bottle until i think it’s the right amount, but this time i shook and then (in my own ratchet fashion) sprinkled it into measuring spoons until i got an almost (and i say almost because i was lazy today) accurate (or accreate if you want the keys to success) amount necessary for this recipe – i would also like to put you on notice that i like my food flavorful and spicy, anything you do to your own version of this recipe is your own business i don’t judge….that much….in your face – but thankfully between the “measuring” and photo session everything step was smooth sailing!

the best thing about this recipe is just how easy it is, basically five steps, which is a “yay” for me because once again i really just wanted to make this dish to make soup tomorrow. it’s a simple baked chicken with vegetables and a starch food group item so it’s to some degree an one pot meal for a limited amount of people if you’re into that. i made enough for multiple rounds of soup intake – why – because even though it’s still 70-sometimes 80-flipping-degrees here in arizona there is no shame in turning on the a/c to enjoy some soup. the flavors are spicy and garlic intense and i will – i repeat i will – talk to you without any shame once i devour said spicy garlic chicken, that’s just how i do.


i also made a note to season the vegetables on their own since you can eat this as a meal in itself and – in my own humble and judgmental opinion – who wants to eat unseasoned vegetables with delicious spicy chicken?! no one that’s who; there’s carrots – sweet spicy yes! – potatoes – the starch and the best vegetable ever – onion if you eat onion by itself – and celery – just as the bed, to me celery has only one purpose and that’s to protect other food from burning! and chicken of course – or turkey since i’m lying and saying this is the perfect “i’m by myself” thankskilling meal.


so….the difficult part of this post – once again photo taking just isn’t my strong suit; i see all these lovely, gothic and creative post on other food blogs and instagrams while i’m over here like “i have a nice cutting board that’s not needed in this post so why bother giving myself something else to wash.” i’m not much of a prop person when it comes to food pictures but i still haven’t found my photo style niche, so up close and personal with a dead bird is what you lovely people on the internet will experience today while i figure out what is my “je ne sais quoi” – and for all your vegetarians and vegans that might be upset i would like to state my case – i put vegetables in there, give me a break, i don’t even roll with vegetables like that but i’m trying to be a healthy-ish adult and behave myself sometimes when i have to; thanks!


in conclusion – because i couldn’t think of an exit paragraph beginning and apparently i’m back in 6th grade – thanks for looking at this lonely thankskilling (secretly soon to be chicken soup in all reality) one, two or three person poultry post. enjoy! the recipe is below! (p.s. i’ve also decided to start included a “while i was making this recipe playlist which is listen below the recipe. keep in mine this is over 10 years worth of music so there’s no telling what popped up on shuffle on my ipod.)

Poultry Dinner for One Two or Three (Four You’re Not Included)

poultry dinner for one two or three (four you’re not included)


1-3 thighs/breast or 5-6 drumsticks

poultry seasonings:

2 tsp (10 g) – salt

2 tsp (10 g) – black pepper

2 tsp (10 g) – onion powder

1 ½ tsp (7 g) – garlic powder

3 tsp (15 g) – parsley flakes

½ tsp (3 g) – red pepper flakes

1 clove garlic – sliced


3-6 stalks of celery

3-6 whole carrots

3 redskin potatoes (cut into 4ths)

1 whole onion (cut into 4ths)

3 whole cloves of garlic

1 tsp (5 g) – salt

1 tsp (5 g) – pepper

¼ tsp (1 g) – red pepper flakes


  1. clean your meat with lemon juice or distilled white vinegar
  2. take your cleaned meat and add your seasonings and set aside in the fridge to marinate (you can do this the day before for maximum flavor). right before you put your chicken atop of your vegetables add the sliced garlic to your chicken.
  3. meanwhile: clean your celery stalks by simply rinsing them with water and/or a damp towel; peel the skin off your garlic but leave it whole, peel and cut your carrots cutting them into 1 inch pieces, peel and cut your onion cutting it into 4ths, and clean your potatoes, leaving the skin on.
  4. grease your baking dish and lay your whole celery out as a bed. in a large mixing bowl, add your onions, carrots, potatoes and garlic, add your seasonings to the vegetables and mix the ingredients. lay them onto your celery stalks.
  5. add your poultry on top (if you want a crispy top at a few teaspoons of butter onto the poultry) and bake at 375f/190c/gas mark 5 for 60-70 minutes or until 165f/75c minimum.

blogpost playlist:

m.A.A.d city (feat. mc eiht) – kendrick lamar \\ i do not hook up – kelly clarkson \\ hall of fame (feat. will.i.am) – the script \\ hips don’t lie (feat. wyclef jean) – shakira \\ everybody talks – neon trees \\ crown on the ground – sleigh bells \\ lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off – panic! at the disco \\ holy horseshit, batman! – gym class heroes \\ one more day – les misérables cast \\ ticking bomb – aloe blacc \\ bookends – simon & garfunkel \\ say this sooner – the almost \\ so good – b.o.b \\ stressed out – twenty one pilots \\ monday morning – death cab for cutie \\ icky thump – white stripes \\ explosions – elle goulding \\ man in the mirror – michael jackson \\ clarity (feat. foxes) – zedd \\ i’m shipping up to boston – dropkick murphys \\


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