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Tea & Tequila

tea, i love the word, i love that it sounds like a letter and i love how the majority of tea taste. what else do i love about tea you ask? well for one it’s usually good for you – this recipe not being the best example – it’s also a great way to start or end your day, it’s gives you some sort of odd creative freedom on how you prefer to have something you have every day except there’s always something different; maybe you added a bit more sugar or milk, maybe you added two teabags instead of one, you could have poured less water to make the flavor more concentrated, maybe you preferred it cold instead of hot, any of these examples are how i like my tea and in this blogpost i chose alcoholic tea.



i actually got back into tea when i move to arizona – how warm morning tea can be inspired while in the desert i will never know – but it became part of my morning ritual even in the summer (arizona can reach 80f/27c by 8 in the morning by the way). i usually prefer english breakfast tea with a splash of milk and lots of sugar with two teabags instead of one; i even have a specific cup i use with it and wash it right after incase i feel spontaneous and have another cuppa (hold up now – shit getting crazy!). my morning tea aside i decided to do this post because i haven’t really entered the realm of beverage into the blog, i have one summer beverage i believe and it wasn’t my best work although it was tasty as fuck.



anywho, this post is using tazo iced passion tea because

  1. it was on sale
  2. i wanted something not too winter induced. there are tons of winter drinks and i wanted on that would take you away from this multi-polar climate change weather.

and tequila because i live in south arizona which is a hop, skip and jump away from mexico; like seriously you sneeze hard enough and boom! you’re in mexico. i usually hang out in nogales from time to time with some friends and whenever i’m there i make it a point to buy some tequila and trust me when i say, when you buy the authentic good stuff the flavor punch is there and you only need a little. i also added some ginger ale because i love the taste of fruity drinks combined with ginger ale and while i don’t drink soda too often i do enjoy a nice fizzy glass of cold ginger ale.



but aside from all of this, this is a fairly simple post with a short written version. i’m back in the realm of florida visiting family for the first time since i’ve moved over a year ago and getting reacquainted with hot ass humid weather, it’s like a frickin’ devil’s shart. my blogpost playlist is listed below as well as the recipe! enjoy and happy holidays!


recipe for tea and tequila

2 c. water

2 sachets of tazo iced passion

1 tbsp. sugar

1 8 oz. can of canada dry ginger ale

1 shot of tequila per glass


  1. in a heat safe glass, heat up your water to a boil. once a boil has been achieved add your tea sachets and set aside for 10 minutes.
  2. once 10 minutes has commenced, remove the sachets squeezing out the excess liquid from each tea bag, add 1 tablespoon of sugar and carefully stir until the sugar has dissolved )about 30 seconds to 1 minute) and allow to cool for about 30 minutes.
  3. once you’re tea has cooled to room temperature, pour your tea into a container and add your ginger ale. (make sure there is a tight lid to make sure it stays carbonated.
  4. in 4 – 10 glasses add 3 – 4 ice cubes, add 1 shot (about 2 – 4 tbsp.) of tequila followed by 1/2 c. of your tea beverage. (note: this is the ratio i used for this post, if you’re a light drink feel free to add less (i.e my mother) and if you like your drink to be mostly alcohol (i.e. my father) the add more liquor and subtract less carbonated tea).
  5. enjoy, stay safe and don’t drive!

*blogpost playlist:

sleigh bells – comeback kid // delta rae – bottom of the river // mumm-ra – she’s got you high // iggy azalea – fancy (feat. charlie xcx) // lady antebellum – american honey // calvin harris – sweet nothing (feat. florence welch) // janel marisse – no tomorrow // quindon tarver – everybody’s free to feel good // john mayer – gravity // neon trees – everybody talks // paramore – ain’t it fun // keb’ mo’ – i see love // snow patrol & martha wainwright – set fire to the third bar // shinedown – her name is alice // justin timberlake, carey mulligan & stark sands – five hundred miles // flobots – handlebars // m.i.a. – paper planes // aloe blacc – ticking bomb // gym class heroes – holy horeshit, batman!!

*whenever i am baking or cooking i love having my ipod on (an ipod i’ve had since i was 17 so don’t roast me for whatever pops up on the playlist), keeping it on shuffle for a nice surprise and just getting lost in whatever i’m doing. i figured having these playlist down on the blogpost can get you some insight to my state of mind at the time.

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