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back to it is it! i plan on posting more now that i have some other stuff out of the way and i feel more at ease with posting regularly. i have a ton of banana post on this blog but i also have a ton saved into my draft file – why? because banana recipes can be a bit difficult to have a proper recipe down and to take photos of, but this one i finally – after multiple tries – got finalized into a format that i believe will work no matter what!


i love bananas actually – although i can’t eat them too quickly or it turns my stomach, but bananas are one of my favorite fruits and i basically love all types of fruit. when it comes to baking bananas on the other hand wetness is a real pain in the ass. it is determined by so many things – moisture, ripeness, how long it will be cooked for, how it was prepped – factors and an uncertainty of how it will translate from my test to finalization and to your adaptation of this recipe |because does anyone ever really follow a recipe step by step???| so when i created this recipe i wanted to make sure that all of those factors would have little to no effect on the final product.


i didn’t have bananas foster until i was an adult – i’m not, believe it or not – a huge cold deserts fan |although i’ll throw down on some fried ice cream and slushy| so i didn’t have bananas foster until a friend of mine in college had it in popsicle form and insisted that i try it also; i did and even though i didn’t like it in cold form i did love it in terms of flavor. i have a blog bananas foster cookies and muffin donuts blog post on this blog – which i plan on trying to remix a bit – but that’s about as far as my dip into the banana foster territory has gone – until now.


the trick to bananas foster – in my humble opinion – is to make sure the warmth of the cinnamon counteracts the sweetness of the brown sugar and the sweetness of the brown sugar tames the punch of the rum; they all counter each other in some way to make sure the end result is a medley of favors working properly without issue. i think this recipe did that as well. i made sure the cake was sweet but not too sweet, the bananas added moisture while the heftiness of the cake added some depth to it and the crumb topping added that texture – or it would have been too soft for me personally. it turned out to be a great cake for the changing of seasons – where it’s winter in the morning, summer in the afternoon, and spring at night |at least that’s how it feels here in the desert| thanks gyna for that hoax you created that scientist say isn’t a hoax



|bananas foster in cake| the trick to having the banana flavor in the cake without making the banana too mushy is cooking out as much liquid as possible. in the directions for this recipe you cook this bananas foster for a bit longer than you normally would – this allows you to cook out additional moisture that may have formed during the foster process. we also will be letting the foster cool down to a chill because you want the mixture to thicken up, when it’s hot is looser but as it cools down, the protein builds and the sugar and butter connect more making it more viscous. the thickness helps keep and even intensify the flavor of the banana while still preventing a too wet cake.


|crumb topping| i’m a lover of all crunchy thing – i still have all of my teeth besides a few wisdom teeth and i prefer to use them as much as possible before i can’t. i also wanted to avoid the possibility of the cake being too mushy – not because of the banana but just because while this is a dense cake it doesn’t have any “girth” if you will. the crumb topping provides additional texture and adds that girth to make it really feel like you’re eating something.


|p.s.| there is an extra banana that the recipe does not include in the photos – it’s completely optional and was done mostly for aesthetic purposes but you should be warned if you decided to add this banana that it will require the middle part to cook an additional 30 minutes – as the banana is adding extra moisture and halfway through the cooking process you should take the pan out of the oven and tap it to release the moisture on the inside of the cake – basically bringing it back down to level ground.


that’s it for this post – i hope you like it and look forward to the next one coming. this post is super easy especially if you do certain things ahead – measure out your ingredients, make your crumb topping and banana foster the night before – you should have an easy time making this. either way the end result is a very banana very foster very crumby cake that is way better than anything you’ll buy at the store!

write-cha later!


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Banana Foster Cake w. Walnut Crumble Topping




1 c. |128 g| All-Purpose Flour

1/4 c. |60 g| White Sugar

3 tbsp. |45 g| Light Brown Sugar

1 tsp. |3 g| Baking Powder

6 tbsp. |90 g| Butter |room temperature|

1 Egg |50 g|

1/2 tbsp. |4 g| Vanilla Paste

1 tsp. |5 g| milk

Banana Foster:

2 Small Bananas |2/3 c. | |200 grams|

2 tbsp. |30 g| rum

1/2 tsp. |2 g| cinnamon powder

1/4 c. |50 g| brown sugar

3 tbsp. |45 g| butter

Crumb Topping:

4 tbsp. |60 grams| unsalted butter (cold)

1/2 tsp. |4 grams| kosher salt

1/4 c. |55 grams| brown sugar

1/4 – 1/2 c. |45 – 90 grams| chopped walnuts

1/2 c. |50 grams| flour


|banana foster|

Add your butter to a small sauce pan on medium heat, once the butter has melted, add your cinnamon and brown sugar, stir together and once fully combined add your chopped bananas cook it for 2 to 4 minutes stirring frequently and then add your rum and let it cook for another 4 to 6 minutes stirring continuously.

Once your banana foster is done, add it to a heat proof bowl and allow it to come to room temperature. Once it’s come to room temperature, cover your bowl and put it in the fridge to firm up for 3 hours minimum – overnight is best.

|crumb topping|

In a medium size bowl add all of your ingredients and begin to mash them up until they resemble firm-ish pea sized ball. Set it aside in a bowl in the fridge to fully firm up. If you want you can do this step ahead of your banana foster to make sure it is cold.


Preheat our oven to 350F/180C and pre-measure out all your ingredients. Your flour, baking soda, and salt can go into one bowl while assembling your wet ingredients in another. (also: don’t forget to sift the dry ingredients and whisk it to combine all ingredients)

In another bowl spread your butter until it is no longer in a stick, add your sugar mixture, followed by your egg and your cold banana foster.

Add your dry ingredients to your wet in sets of thirds, once your mixture is fully combined pour your mixture into your pan, followed by your crumb topping.

Bake in the oven for about 45-70 minutes.

downloadable recipe: banana-foster-cake-w-walnut-crumble-topping



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