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i guess i should start this post by saying that i am a creature of habit – once i do something one way i tend to continue to do it that way and the same things goes with food. once i eat a certain meal during a certain show i need to eat that dish during the show from now own – i don’t know why exactly but i can most likely pinpoint it on the fact that my mom was pretty organized and it just rubbed off on me so i decided to take it to the extreme. |chicken soup while watching blackish, modern family, and fresh off the boat| |boiled eggs while i watch elementary every night with a red bull yes i’m aware that sounds disgusting!!!!| |top ramen chicken soup whenever i watch the big bang theory| |caesar salad whenever i watch how to get away with murder| the list goes on…..


this specific dish is called ichimi togarashi edamame; ichimi is a japanese spice that translates to “one pepper” – it’s fundamentally finely ground chili pepper that tastes delicious! i first tried it a few years ago when my college roommate brought some home from work – after that i set out to make it on my own the way i want and this was the result.


to put it into perspective i haven’t been watching the same show for years along with this dish – i usually eat this in a seasonal aspect i.e. when it gets really cold and i want something spicy, and recently i’ve been watching it every time i watch sleepy hallow; i just got hulu and i’ve wanted to see this show for the longest but i’m also one who can’t enter a show half way through seasons – i need to start from the beginning so since hulu has all of the episodes i’ve been to some degree binge watching it |another fun fact is that i can’t binge watch – i can watch maybe 3 or 4 episodes of a show at a time, but rarely do i binge watch|


if you want to know specifics i’m currently in the middle of season two, which would mean i’ve eaten close to 30 portions of this dish – even i’m this close to changing my routine! – and i felt like since i want to put more of myself into this blog i should blog about enormously neurotic habit of show meets food meets why am i doing this to myself!!!!


for this dish there is four ingredients – japanese chili flakes |ichimi togarashi| kosher salt/sea salt, a pinch of sugar and of course edamame. the ichimi togarashi can be hard to find, they’re usually at oriental food markets and very rarely in supermarkets, i found a store called season with spice a while back that sold this for a damn good price and of course they closed shop in june which means come the end of this bottle i will need to find another way to get this spice. <insert the most heartbreaking face>. for the edamame, frozen is perfect, unless you’re super fancy and want to do it from scratch and sea salt/kosher salt and sugar is available everywhere!


i wouldn’t necessarily call this a recipe since level of spiciness and saltiness is up to you, and the pinch of sugar is seriously that – a pinch – nothing more; i for example love spicy foods so i add a whole teaspoon, my friends could probably handle a pinch so it’s all up to you. i can also eat an entire bag of edamame so the amount you choose to make is also subjective, but there is a recipe below.


i know for a fact that this dish is the shit! trust me!!!!!! and pictures don’t do it justice, two of the ingredients you will already have, the other is available at every food market and the most important will take some elbow grease, but it’s so worth it. i found some links to some available here and here.


thanks for reading! the recipe and playlist of the music i listened to while making this dish are below!


Same Drugs – chance the rapper // No problem – chance the rapper (feat. lil wayne & 2 chainz) // Need to know – Macklemore & ryan lewis (feat. chance the rapper) // I and Love and You – the Avett Brothers // Live and Die – the Avett Brothers // February Seven – the Avett Brothers




12 oz. (340 g) frozen edamame (whole)

1 tsp. (6 g) ichimi togarashi

2 tsp. (12 g) sea salt/kosher salt

1 pinch of sugar


follow the directions on the back of the edamame bag – it will usually suggest a microwave time of 4 to 6 minutes; I go in between with 5 minutes. After its cooked let it rest for about 2 minutes.

In a medium to large size bowl, add your ichimi togarashi, your salt and your sugar. Strain out the extra water from your edamame and then mix all your ingredients together. And season extra to personal preference. |if you feel you’ve added too much salt or pepper then take out a certain amount, wash the seasonings off and then remix it into the bunch. This will dilute the flavor|

That’s it! Enjoy!

downloadable recipe : ichimi-togarashi-edamame




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