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this is a crumble meets granola meets cereal???? yep! a few weeks ago around the time i posted my banana foster crumb cake i was also told by my good old doctor that i needed to add more fiber into my diet – apparently being starch friendly doesn’t count as essentially a high fiber diet – they’re two different things!


i will be the first to admit that i rarely try new foods and i am a bit of a picky eater at times and when i hear fiber i mostly think of those clear fiber powders for your water commercials back when i was a kid and dry whole grain breads that taste like cardboard, so when he gave me a list of foods that had a good amount of fiber in it, i figured i’d go about it my own way slowly that way i would actually stick with the new introductions to my everyday food diet.


back to how this correlates with the crumb cake from a few weeks ago – i love the crumbs from crumb cakes more than the actual cake and i will make extra crumbs and snack on them long after the cake has left the building, i also like adding milk |lactose free milk| to it every once in a while for fun, so it dinged to me that i could make this into a fun little cereal that had some fiber in it to help me stick to this new diet.


you may ask: why can’t i just eat regular cereal? well first those aren’t really healthy for you and they’re not very high in fiber – even the ones who say it’s high in fiber. also i’ve been trying to make my own things more often now, call it being an adult, hippie, living on my own, i don’t know but lately it’s been my thing and when i say lately i mean for around 2 years now; but most importantly it’s because i can no longer stand the look and taste of cereal after college.


based on my previous food post, we all have seen that i am a creature of habit and when i moved away my from home to finish university, the first thing i ate the next morning were cookies…. because i didn’t go food shopping…but that day i did and i bought cereal, from then on every morning for two years i ate cereal and watched criminal minds and now that i have a new routine – eat eggs with english breakfast tea and watch chelsea on netflix – i can no longer stand to look at cereal. i haven’t bought cereal since august of 2015. that’s just how much i can no longer stand it; just a little information for you.


i should also say that this is not your traditional form of cereal, it’s not bundled together, it’s not overly sweet and it isn’t artificially flavored. this is basically a natural cereal that i personally love the flavor and texture of. milk softens it up to my favorite type of texture – when frosted flakes get the perfect type of crunch yet is so soft. i also love the texture of the nuts and the sweetness of the chocolate. i opted for three different types of chocolates to round out all the flavors and the addition of cinnamon adds warmth that is needed on the cold mornings.


that’s the end of this post. i really really really love the way 1. the blog is developing and 2. the way this post came out. i hope you all have a great day and enjoy this recipe! my spodify playlist for this blog post is listed below!



stressed out – twenty one pilots // ride – twenty one pilots // i love to love (but my baby just loves to dance) – tina charles // ancient light – allman brown // downtown (feat. eric nally, melle mel, kool moe doe & grandmaster caz) – macklemore & ryan lewis // heroes (we could be) {feat. tove lo} – alesso // golden (feat. sia) – travie mccoy // burial (feat. pusha t, moody good & trollphace) – yogi & skrillex // i miss you – adele // believe – mumford & sons // don’t let me down (feat. daya) – the chainsmokers // fuckwithmeyouknowigotit (feat. rick ross) – jay z // heathens – twenty one pilots // beekeeper – keaton henson // mtko – classic




8 tbsp. |120 g| unsalted butter (cold)

1 tsp. |8 g| kosher salt

1/2 c. |100 g| brown sugar

2/3 c. |100 g| chopped walnuts

1 c. |100 g| flour

1 tsp. |2 g| cinnamon powder

1/2 – 1 c. |90 – 175 g| chocolate chips

1 tbsp. |15 g| white sugar

1 tsp. |2 g| kosher salt

2 c. |400 g| quick cooking oat


In a medium size bowl add your flour, sugars, oats, butter and walnuts and begin to mash them up until they resemble firm-ish pea sized ball. Set it aside in a bowl in the fridge to fully firm up, about 1 hour and preheat our oven to 350F/180C.

After about an hour, pull your mixture out of the fridge and pour into onto a lightly greased sheet pan, sprinkle your salt over it and bake your cereal at 350F/180C for 30 – 40 minutes in 10 minute intervals, stirring the mixture to prevent burning and ensure even cooking and then push the mixture back together in the pan and cook again, repeating until the mixture is nicely toasted.

Once your mixture has fully cooled, break it up into more manageable pieces, add your chocolate. Put your cereal in an air tight container or enjoy now with some yummy milk!

downloadable recipe : walnut-chocolate-oat-cereal



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