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i feel like it’s been forever since i posted when it’s only been a week – i think i’m still on that high from my two posts in one week a few weeks ago. this is the final post with lemon for a while – since i finally used the last of the lemons. in fact, when i first did this recipe a few things went wrong and i had to actually go out a buy another lemon! wtf! but i wanted this post to be mostly about problem solving and working through things.

Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 1Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 7

when i first fucked up this recipe two heavily problematic things happen that lead to more problems – i let the lemon soak into the simple syrup too long and i made the recipe too thick and just underestimated all of it. i then thought letting it bake longer would rectify the situation but just made it crusty and overcooked (picture below). i usually have this feeling of feeling disheartened when i try something i think should be easy for me and then just overdo it and don’t think properly.


i knew the issues that happened shouldn’t have happen but at the same time it was different techniques i was using too. after all was said and done i realized the issues and figured out slowly how to rectify the matter.

Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 10Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 11

i needed to pat down the lemon if it was too wet. i shouldn’t add so much vanilla as it looks a bit gross, i needed to actually loosen up the batter as well as cook it at a lower temperature. most importantly, i had to sit down and really analyze – i know this sounds over dramatic – but baking is a science and you truly and unapologetically need to figure out the smallest aspects of it; which is why i like baking so much. it’s such a neurotic thing, you need to know the acid, the gluten, the sugar, the tartness etc. – those are all little things that could have the biggest effect on the final outcome.

Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 12Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 13

i’ve been baking for over half my life so i take a lot in stock of how well i do something that i feel i should do better than i did – my mom said to just do something else, but that would be giving up. i understand that she meant just leave it be and focus on something else, but i just couldn’t, i needed to do it and do it properly. so once again i took a step back and made the adjustments i needed to make.

Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 16Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 17

the second time around i was just not in a good head space, i started feeling sick – which i later found out was because of walking pneumonia – and my garbage disposal decided to break as i was doing dishes. still i opted to keep on going – i even cancelled plans with friends. i think because i can be so stubborn and need to see something to the final outcome at times this really motivated me to do it right. when i was baking it and it didn’t rise as much as i wanted once again i felt disheartened, but then i realized maybe because of the lemons on top, the expected rising just wasn’t going to happen. when i took it out and let it cool i realized i was 100% happy with the outcome. it tasted great, looked amazing and the work needed wasn’t really as bad as i thought.

Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 20Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 22Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 18

of course though i’m not 100% satisfied with the pictures, so it was a win-draw for me, i had to accept a little bit of defeat since photography is something i’m really trying to improve on, but it seems to be a one step forward one tired post back type of thing. i don’t have the best lighting in my apartment and i need a new tripod pronto! i accepted that this would simply be a lesson on my personal photography aesthetic. i like cleaner lines and can’t really appreciate the chaos of some of the pictures. i understand that some photographers can take a serene photo of flour, sugar, etc. but am i one of those people also? it seems not right now i’m not. it’s okay and now that i understand this more i can work closer to really understanding what i want my personal blog to look like. it’s a learning process.

Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 25Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 27Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 28

i guess to really appreciate this post i had to appreciate the process it took – once again i’m someone who prides themselves on thinking things through step-by-step and being confident in them before proceeding to the final steps, and sometimes the final steps are lessons that i have to learn – wanting it or not. kind of like life huh tatiana?

Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 41


Wild Things // Partition // Some Boys // Hang Me, Oh Hang Me // Save the World (Radio Remix) // Best Day of My Life // MakeDamnSure // I Gotta Feeling // Turn It Off // Different Names for the Same Thing // Roar // Radioactive // I Don’t Want To Know (If You Don’t Want Me) // Lessons Learned // Dream On // Anyone Else But You // All You Wanted // My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha) // You and I // 15 Step // Booty Bounce // All for Love

Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices 37

Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices


Lemon Curd White Chocolate Ganache

1 recipe of lemon curd (see below)

1/2 c. |90 g| white chocolate

Lemon Curd:

1/4 c. |56 g| lemon juice (about 1 lemon)

1/3 c. |75 g| sugar

4 egg yolks |80 g|

3 tbsp. |45 g| butter

Candied Lemon

1 lemon cut into 8 slices

1 recipe of salted simple sugar (see below)

Salted Simple Sugar

1 c. |200 g| sugar

1 c. |225 g| water

1 tsp. |8 g| vanilla bean paste

1 tbsp. |14 g| rum

2 tsp. |16 g| kosher salt


1 c. |128 g| All-Purpose Flour

1/2 c. |115 g| White Sugar

2 tsp. |10 g| Baking Powder

6 tbsp. |90 g| Butter |room temperature|

1 Egg |50 g|

1/2 tbsp. |4 g| Vanilla Paste

4 tbsp. |60 g| milk


Candied Lemon:

Cut your whole lemon into 8 even slices (or somewhat even, let’s be real I didn’t even cut it evenly) In a sauce pot, add your sugar, water, salt, rum and vanilla paste over medium heat, once the sugar has dissolved and a slow simmer has started add your lemon slices and let it continue to simmer for 10 minutes.

Remove your lemon slices and place it onto a draining rack to cool completely.

Lemon Curd:

In a small to medium size sauce pan, add about 1 to 2 inches of water and let the pan come to a boil. In a small to medium size metal bowl combine all of your ingredients.

Once the water is at a boil, over medium heat, take the metal bowl and place it on top of the sauce pot (warning: you want to make sure the water does not touch the pot; you want indirect heat, the steam should do the cooking). With a whisk, continuously stir your curd mixture until it has thicken, this should take about 5 to 10 minutes. (helpful hint: use a spoon to dip it into the curd, with your finger wipe through the middle of the spoon, if the curd stays separated then it is thick enough).

(FIY: a double boiler is not always an option as you need to have a metal bowl and a sauce pan that will also fit the bowl, if you can’t use the double boiler method, then simply use the small sauce pan: over low heat, cook the curd mixture and carefully watch it, it should take a shorter amount of time, but you should also sieve it to make sure that there are no cooked egg clumps in the curd mixture.)

Once the curd is done, in a sieve, strain the curd into the bowl of white chocolate, and slowly combine your mixture with a heat safe spoon, allowing as little air as possible to come into your ganache. Cover it with plastic wrap to avoid a skin forming and let it cool to room temperature.


Preheat our oven to 325F/162C and pre-measure out all your ingredients. Your flour, baking soda, and salt can go into one bowl while assembling your wet ingredients in another. (also: don’t forget to sift the dry ingredients and whisk it to combine all ingredients)

In another bowl spread your butter until it is no longer in a stick, add your sugar mixture, followed by your egg and your 2/3 of your lemon curd white chocolate ganache.

Add your dry ingredients to your wet in sets of thirds, adding one tablespoon of milk in between dry mixes. Once your mixture is fully combined pour your mixture into your pan, followed by swirling the remainder of your lemon curd into your cake on top and adding your candied lemon. If your candied lemon are still very wet, pat it dry with a paper towel before placing it onto the cake, it will become too heavy and cause the cake to collapse.

Bake in the oven for about 45-60 minutes, check after 30.

downloadable recipe: Lemon White Chocolate Cake w. Salted Candied Lemon Slices



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