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the real sh*t i eat – CHICKEN & RICE (AND NO MEAT APRIL)

No it’s not an April Fools (a day late) joke but the month of April I will be negating all meat – except seafood – so why not celebrate with some chicken and rice, eh? I am not the biggest of meat eaters – I do love poultry, I dabble in red meat every now and then, and pork is a seldom thing. In fact before I made this, I think it had been two weeks without me actually making a meat based dish – and in the past week I haven’t eaten meat at all, so I hope this no meat April doesn’t unlock some unknown part of me that wants to pillage through an animal farm and feast on what I have been detaining myself from. (that’s not extra at all)


The pictures of this aren’t exactly overly pretty or overly staged because whenever I make these “the real shit I eat” post, I don’t make it to be fancy or plan it days in advance. When I’m making it I realize that I’ve been eating this type of dish for some time now and take a few pictures and call it a day – mostly because I want to eat it as soon as it’s done.


This dish in particular is one of my “garbage meals” – I had chicken frozen in my freezer – duh – and I wanted all meat out of my apartment before april started – I can stop myself from going to buy meat when it wasn’t on my shopping list no problem, but if I have the particular item I shouldn’t be eating in my place of residence somehow I can reason that I should eat it anyway – so I emptied all temptation. I also haven’t eaten rice in the longest of time! I had bought a little baggie of rice a while ago and wanted to cook some – just because.


This can also be described as one of my lazy meals where actual me standing there cooking time is little to none. These types of meal consist of me cleaning and seasoning the chicken, washing the rice, shredding the chicken, and letting everything cook while I’m doing something else. I cook the rice with the chicken in it and sometimes if I’m not feeling lazy – this time I was – I will also add some seasoning to the water as well.


All in all – this is the last meat dish you will see until at least May – but who knows if I enjoy this no meat April, maybe it will turn into not that much meat May, June, July and you get the picture. If you have any suggestions on having a meat free based diet, let me know!



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the real sh*t i eat – CHICKEN & RICE


1 1/2 c. |340 g| long grain rice

1 tbsp. |15 g| butter

3 drumsticks

1 tsp. |8 g| kosher salt

1 tsp. |8 g| onion powder

2 tsp |10 g| – black pepper

2 tsp |10 g| – onion powder

1 ½ tsp |7 g| – garlic powder

3 tsp |15 g| – parsley flakes

½ tsp |3 g| – red pepper flakes


clean your meat with lemon juice or distilled white vinegar. take your cleaned meat and add your seasonings and set aside in the fridge to marinate (you can do this the day before for maximum flavor). add your poultry on top (if you want a crispy top at a few teaspoons of butter onto the poultry) and bake at 375f/190c/gas mark 5 for 35 – 55 minutes or until 165f/75c minimum.

When you chicken has completed cooking and cooled, shred it into strips. wash your rice through a strainer, until the starch has completely disappeared. In your pot, bring your water |1 1/2 c. | and butter to a boil, add your rice and chicken and bring your heat down to low, cook for 25 – 30 minutes, checking on it after 20. Each batch of rice is different, sometimes it takes 20 minutes and sometimes it takes longer, you may want to taste test your rice before taking it off the stove.

downloadable recipe: CHICKEN & RICE


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