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warning: this post has butter, it has garlic and it has carbs!


long time no chat! i’m fairly certain i’m the world’s worst “blogger”, but with work and actually living my life well sometimes things like this take a backseat and when i say backseat i mean i’ve been doing this blogpost for about three weeks now. sorry? anywhoosen, let’s get this post started.


warning: this post has butter, it has garlic and it has carbs! my favorite! why this recipe? there’s nothing exact about this recipe in any way, shape or form, but i’ve been eating it quite often lately. i got a new job – as most adults do – and it keeps me busier than my old one; i’m not the type to eat at work, no particular reason i’m just usually so busy it’s an afterthought, so when i come home i really want something to stick to the ribs since it’s been either 8 hours or 4 – 5 hours since i’ve eaten, and anyone who knows me knows that’s a long ass time!


the thing about this recipe that is concrete is that you season in layers and you use an entire head of garlic. i’ve tried this without each and i found it not to be as flavorsome; i also added a shit ton of red pepper flakes to mine so it was also spicy, which – once again – is something i like in my everyday food.


i also spent this post trying out new photography practices; i see all over social media about the astounding golden hour photography and while i do understand it portrays that flawless nostalgic southern noir depiction, i find it can make pictures a bit – less focused – or not as clean and a bit too rubicund, maybe that’s because it should only be done for selfie purposes and not so much food or i just don’t know what i’m doing and we both know it’s probably the second.


like i stated before the job i have now is a lot more labor intensive than my last one and i get home a bit later, i wanted something that i can eat over a maybe two day period that wouldn’t dry out and this dish doesn’t. this also isn’t a dish i eat right away, like i said i wanted as something i eat when i get home from work so i usually make it the day before letting it sit and become even more succulent over time. i know when you first make this and see that the sauce isn’t particularly “saucy” you’ll think of it more as a soup than a sauce, but over 20 minutes you will notice everything thicken up and that prevents it from becoming too dry with the reheating process over the next couple days.


well that’s all on this end. i hope you all are having an amazing 2018 – since 2017 can go kick rocks!!! – and you enjoy this recipe! chat with you all later!


garlic shrimp pasta

1 head of garlic // onion powder // garlic powder // red pepper flakes // dried parsley flakes // shrimp – amount of your choice – raw and deveined // rotini pasta – i usually like about 4 handfuls as i like 4 individuals rotini’s to 1 shrimp ratio // butter // oil for garlic

  1. when it comes to the head of garlic you can do it two ways – you can roast it whole or you can peel each garlic clove and roast it – i usually prefer the latter, no specific reason it’s just a nice tedious activity i enjoy.
  2. i wrap the garlic in tin foil seasoned with onion and garlic powder, salt, pepper, parsley flakes, red chili flakes, and about ½ teaspoon of oil, mix it all together and roast it at 375f/190c for 35 minutes.
  3. once the garlic has cooled, mash it with a spoon and once again add onion and garlic powder, salt, pepper, parsley flakes, red chili flakes to season. i know when it comes to seasoning everyone has their own preference but i add about ½ teaspoon of each to about ½ pound of shrimp.
  4. take half of your garlic paste and add it to your shrimp, save the other half for the sauce. (i like to let the shrimp marinate for 3 hours to overnight, but you can cook it right away as well.)
  5. boil your rotini pasta while you begin to cook your shrimp.
  6. in a sauce pan add a large amount of butter – i add around 1/4 cup of butter – i did say large! – and add your garlic paste and once again add onion and garlic powder, salt, pepper, parsley flakes, red chili flakes to your preferences, once your butter has melted and mixed with your garlic paste add your shrimp to cook, once it’s cooked on one side – about 2 to 3 minutes top turn it and let it for an additional minute before adding 1/2 cup of the pasta water to your shrimp mixture and let it cook on low for about 3 to 5 minutes, turning into a sauce while your pasta finishes cooking.
  7. drain your pasta and add your sauce and continue to stir it intermittently for about 10 minutes until the pasta has soaked up a large amount of the sauce. you can eat it right away but i find it taste better if it sits for a while.




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