hello readers! my name is tatiana and this is my food blog. i apologize for not having an about me picture but i rarely ever take pictures and i can seem to decide which one portrays my silly yet charming side. (that’s a lie. i’m just not a huge picture taker)

as this is a food blog i should tell you where my passion for baking came from.. one day i stayed home from school sick and i stumbled upon the food network and from there it was all food all the time. my mother, who has an insane sweet tooth encouraged me to bake anything and everything i could, i on the other hand rarely have a sweet tooth as much as a savory and french fry tooth, but i love the effect baking has on other people and the fact that they enjoy it only makes me happier. i am one of those neurotic people that can’t seem to follow directions properly and so all recipes on this blog are mine and were created in my big noggin unless otherwise stated.

a little about me is that i’m in the early years of fully adulting and i somewhat enjoy it. i now live in arizona through route of new york and florida (i don’t claim florida that much; not my favorite place) and i work in market and job research full time. i enjoy most artistic hobbies (i.e. panting, ceramics, alcohol) and every once in a while i try something more active which usually results in some sort of misfortune.

all in all, i really hope you enjoy my posting and recipes and anything else i reveal as everything i do on this blog are really things that make me happy and i hope they make you happy as well. happy baking! **also as you might notice, the entire blog is lowercase, i prefer it in this type of atmosphere just because i feel like it makes things more uniform**

a few facts about this blog:

  1. each recipe makes enough to feed a group of two to four comfortably. (that doesn’t mean a muffins, cookie, or scone recipe only makes 4, more that four people ate it gone before it went stale.)
  2. any cake recipes i post require 6 in./15.4 cm cake pans. once again there aren’t many of us to feed and rather than wasting food i make just enough to feed whomever is present. although you should note that a 6 in/15.4 cm cake can feed a good amount of people; maybe 10.
  3. if you don’t read the writing portions and go straight to the recipe you should know that i write about possible variations you could do to the recipe and helpful hints and suggestions to make the process of baking easiest on you.
  4. all recipes are created by me and i give credit to whomever i may have adapted the recipe from if it is an adaption.
  5. i strictly use measuring cups that are primarily used for dry ingredients only, but i also use them for wet ingredients as well, so if you feel confused on if you should use a liquid measuring cup for any liquids on the post you need not. i try to make it as simple as possible and for you to use as little tools as possible as well.
  6. i provide links to where you can find specialty items if i use them or if i deem them possibly hard to locate in something other than a major food supermarket. so if you’re hesitant about finding something click the provided link or ask in the comment section and i will tell you the best way to find that item or ingredient and the price range they usually fall in.
  7. ingredients: when it comes to basic ingredients i use unsalted sticks of butter, all-purpose flour (if a recipe calls for a special type of flour (i.e. self-rising, cake or bread, i will let you know how to create that type of flour while still using all purpose), granulated sugar or light brown sugar, large eggs (grade a), and vanilla paste (not extract, but paste which can be found at michael’s arts + crafts store or wal-mart for about 5usd).
  8. tools: when it comes to tools i use in this blog i use a cookie sheet pan, 6 in/15.4 cm cake pans that you can find at wal-mart, jo-anns, and micheal’s), a hand mixer (i got mine from wal-mart for less than 15usd), a small and large cookie scoop than you can find anywhere with prices ranging from 3usd to 10usd, and mixing bowls and cups that are basically just cereal bowls in my apartment.

helpful hints + suggestions

when it comes to baking it can be a bit stressful especially if you’re a sometimes baker and not an at least twice a week baker. here are some helpful hints and suggestions to make the baking process easier….

  • read out the instructions before you even start the measuring process, that way you have an idea of what needs to be done, how to do it and if you have all the ingredients on hand in the first place.
  • make sure everything is measured out before you start the actually process of baking. it makes things flow easier; it also makes the process quicker.
  • sift your dry ingredients more than once; trust me you’ll see a difference. it will mix better and will be light and airy.
  • unless stated otherwise you want your ingredients room temperature, that doesn’t mean microwaving your butter for 15 seconds right before you’re about bake (although if you’re in a time crunch then go ahead and give it a go, but in 5 second intervals), you want to have your eggs and butter etc. out overnight to make sure they’re uniformly the same temperature to avoid separation because of temperature differentiation during the mixing and baking segments.
  • relax and enjoy it. there’s no point in baking something if it’s going to turn you grey 15 years earlier than you expected, my mother is a stressful baker and i always have to tell her to calm down, breathe and take a break, you don’t have to do everything in one go. i take breaks in between baking projects all the time especially if i’m feeling a bit overwhelmed; that break is the difference between throwing your baked good at someone’s face while sipping on some gin and juice and enjoying the outcome of your hard work with everyone around you.

i hope you all enjoy this blog!



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