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finally perfecting a recipe that i’ve been working on for two plus years neurotic: hey everyone! this isn’t going to be a long post – although i always say that and it ends up being longer than the bible – here we have another cake/breakfast post. i’m not really a breakfast person, although i love… Continue reading LEMON THAI BASIL SQUARE CAKE || NFS

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a nice peaceful day to offset the fact that this recipe was a last minute resort to being non-wasteful and saving ugly rhubarb....oh...and the strawberries were on sale. neurotic: hello everyone! i feel so nervous posting this recipe after how well my last post did, i am very much exultant that something i really adored… Continue reading STRAWBERRY RHUBARB SQUARES

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neurotic: i found myself really going through it for this post – i can’t seem to explain, but i’ll try. food: i thought this post would be great for a friday since this embodies the perfect stay-at-home romantic/single-af-and-happy/just-because-i-want-to breakfast/brunch idea. i’m not too ashamed to say that lately i’ve been deficient on inventiveness. i’ve never… Continue reading LEMON MOUSSE MERINGUE CREPE CAKE

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the real sh*t i eat – Applewood Smoked Ham & Chili Garlic Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich

per stated in my other post – I have plans of really making this blog more about my daily life. The real shit I eat posts will continue – this time in terms of breakfast. In another post of mine I specified that every day for two years while I was in college I ate… Continue reading the real sh*t i eat – Applewood Smoked Ham & Chili Garlic Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich