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Hi lovely people of the internet! I hope your weekend and week were grand, mine was pretty chipper! So if you can’t tell by the title this is a pretty awesome post if I do say so myself! I got the inspiration from a violet dream (her Instagram is here) and I merely changed some… Continue reading STRAWBERRY MERINGUE BREAKFAST ROLLS

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the real sh*t i eat – Applewood Smoked Ham & Chili Garlic Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich

per stated in my other post – I have plans of really making this blog more about my daily life. The real shit I eat posts will continue – this time in terms of breakfast. In another post of mine I specified that every day for two years while I was in college I ate… Continue reading the real sh*t i eat – Applewood Smoked Ham & Chili Garlic Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich

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Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberries Turnovers

In baking we don’t turn up we make turnovers!!! Yes that was lame but I’m still cracking up!!! Well hello everyone! I’m really starting to love posting, I’ve always been crazy nervous whenever a post would go up but now I get excited, I don’t know exactly why but it’s a good feeling, maybe I’m… Continue reading Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberries Turnovers

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Lingonberry Morning Buns

We're getting pretty international today and that's awesome because when you're on a budget and you have wanderlust sometimes the kitchen can be your best trip abroad without the necessary shots.  Good morning (or whatever time of the day your reading this), I specifically say good morning because this post is all about starting your… Continue reading Lingonberry Morning Buns