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Banana Earl Grey Muffins

Banana, Banana. It’s the same ol’ story, girl buys banana, bananas go super ripe, roommate uses banana to make badass muffins, a tale as old as time, or at least as long as we’ve been living together. Obviously I like bananas as a preference to taste and I like it as a preference in baking,… Continue reading Banana Earl Grey Muffins

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Vanilla Bean Scones

Hey everyone! Today I’m taking a very well-known treat and making it at home. I’m sure with the whole Starbucks boom the past few years everyone knows about their infamous vanilla bean scones and I’m also sure you all know how much they cost too! So I decided to make it at home and it… Continue reading Vanilla Bean Scones

Breakfast · chocolate · fruit · scones

Dark Chocolate + Cherry Scones

It’s the month of Love and Black History so we’re doing CHOCOLATE scones with some LOVE fruit called cherries. I feel like I should call this blog The Crowded Scone Kitchen at this point because I post about them so often but my roommate loves them and it makes me want to try them in… Continue reading Dark Chocolate + Cherry Scones

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Raspberry & Orange Twist Knots Rolls

Fancy, fancy, fancy and delicious. Hello readers, today's post is in the high-class homemade fancy category. I went on a bread making binge and when it was time to use the last of the dough I decided a nice breakfast pastry was the way to go. I had extra raspberry sauce (homemade of course) and… Continue reading Raspberry & Orange Twist Knots Rolls