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Today isn’t a real blog post in the sense but more of a post of another post with no recipe just alterations. I still have lemons – although I’m on my last one!!!! Next recipe post and then i’m on a lemon break. I googled “lemon and-“and multiple options popped up – one of them… Continue reading LEMON COCONUT MACAROONS

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this is a crumble meets granola meets cereal???? yep! a few weeks ago around the time i posted my banana foster crumb cake i was also told by my good old doctor that i needed to add more fiber into my diet – apparently being starch friendly doesn’t count as essentially a high fiber diet… Continue reading WALNUT CHOCOLATE OAT CEREAL

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Roasted Black Cherry & White Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream

Well figures it’d take going halfway into summer for me to finally upload an ice cream recipe, but hey this recipe is worth the wait! Hey everyone! Once again we’re entering new territory on the blog; today we’re making soft serve ice cream with the option of actually using an ice cream maker. I’m not… Continue reading Roasted Black Cherry & White Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream