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Independence Day Marshmallows

This post is titled Independence Day Marshmallows, but this is also great for Midsummer, 17Mai, Bastille Day or a Captain America viewing party. If we’re being honest, I’d go for the latter. Red, white and blue: the color of a boat load of nation flags, but today we’re talking about America’s red, white and blue.… Continue reading Independence Day Marshmallows

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Chocolate + Marshmallow Macarons

Hey everyone! Today we’re trying something new and just in time for Easter, I wanted to do a little twist on the usual treats we got for Easter as a kid, those chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies, so I opted to take an adult treat (macarons) and make it fun enough to remind us of our… Continue reading Chocolate + Marshmallow Macarons

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Cranberry & White Chocolate Sponge Cake

Happy end of the week and happy upcoming holidays to you readers, today’s post can be a whole cake but I put it in these cupcake/peanut party tins that I’m basically obsessed with for a cuter individual look. Behind the Scenes (BTS): I don't usually make a lot of cakes since there aren't enough of… Continue reading Cranberry & White Chocolate Sponge Cake

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The Crowded Kitchen’s Edible Gift Guide

Hello and Happy Holidays everyone. I wanted to create an edible gift guide for you guys because I love homemade gifts, they seem a lot more personal that some bought gift (although those don't hurt either). I made these for my roommates this year before I left to go back home and they rather enjoyed… Continue reading The Crowded Kitchen’s Edible Gift Guide

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Honey & Earl Grey Chocolate Caramel

We're getting closer to the holidays and that means we're getting pretty festive around here! I thought today's post would be a nice sneak peak into the upcoming Edible Gift Guide post. I really love giving gifts that are handmade and while they are usually sweets I do try to switch it up sometimes and… Continue reading Honey & Earl Grey Chocolate Caramel