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Today isn’t a real blog post in the sense but more of a post of another post with no recipe just alterations. I still have lemons – although I’m on my last one!!!! Next recipe post and then i’m on a lemon break. I googled “lemon and-“and multiple options popped up – one of them… Continue reading LEMON COCONUT MACAROONS

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i guess i should start this post by saying that i am a creature of habit – once i do something one way i tend to continue to do it that way and the same things goes with food. once i eat a certain meal during a certain show i need to eat that dish… Continue reading ICHIMI TOGARASHI EDAMAME

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Walnut & Browned Butter Friands

a new job, a big move, graduate school, some future blog changes and my favorite season: fall. It seems like things are looking up! Well hey everyone! I’ve been extremely lazy with blogging lately but I’ve also been busy! As I stated in a previous post I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree this summer and… Continue reading Walnut & Browned Butter Friands

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White Cheddar + Lemon Pepper Cheese Sticks Crackers

Hey everyone! Today we have another cheese cracker recipe. I had so much fun making them last time and I wanted to try them again with another flavor combination. It worked out great and this time there wasn’t spice, but the cheese was in full throttle.   Behind the Scenes (BTS): this time I didn’t… Continue reading White Cheddar + Lemon Pepper Cheese Sticks Crackers


Mexican Queso Blanco Cheese Crackers

Happy days everyone! Once again we’re going left field and trying something new on the blog. I’m sure everyone knows about Cheez-Its, the cheese crackers and I hope you all know about that insanely delicious Queso Blanco Dip; if you don’t you should get familiar; I’m lactose intolerant and lord have mercy I love that… Continue reading Mexican Queso Blanco Cheese Crackers