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the dammit search for these cake pans were the real challenge of this damn recipe i know this isn’t my usual upload day of either wednesday or friday, but this past weekend i made this super easy recipe and it turned out great. so it won’t be a very long post – just a lil… Continue reading BANANA FOSTER CAKE DONUTS||NFS

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Banana Foster Muffin Donuts

Hey everyone! Today’s post is too cute for words, although this is a written post so it’s actually not too cute for words, but you understand what I mean. Today we’re making an ice cream specialty in to a muffin and we’re turning that muffin into a faux-donut! Who doesn’t love that concept?! And better… Continue reading Banana Foster Muffin Donuts

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Banana Foster and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello there readers! Today's post is no doubt my greatest accomplishment ever (other than graduating college and having a clean record). While it's known that I'm not a very big sugery-sweets person I love bananas foster. I don't know why since I'm not the biggest ice cream or banana fan, but I just can't seem… Continue reading Banana Foster and Chocolate Chip Cookies