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It seems as of late I’ve been on a bit of a breakfast post kick even though I eat these all in the middle of the day or late at night….weird food: do you ever have those moments when you think of one thing, you think of another and then somehow they combine into something… Continue reading HONEY NUT SCONES || NFS

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another week another post! this week’s is a bit simpler but not really once you see all the steps. i’ve decided that posts – starting from my last post – will be a bit of a story while still talking about the recipe since they will be connected! so onto the post! as you may… Continue reading ENGLISH BREAKFAST SCONES

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Dark Chocolate + Cherry Scones

It’s the month of Love and Black History so we’re doing CHOCOLATE scones with some LOVE fruit called cherries. I feel like I should call this blog The Crowded Scone Kitchen at this point because I post about them so often but my roommate loves them and it makes me want to try them in… Continue reading Dark Chocolate + Cherry Scones

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Dark & White Chocolate Pumpkin Scones

Dark & White Chocolate Pumpkin Scones Hello all. This is this week's last triple Thanksgiving pumpkin blog-posts. I figured I'd end it like the way most people leave behind Thanksgiving: leftovers for breakfast. I wanted this to have a breakfast feel to it and for this to be a good Black Friday Morning treat, planning… Continue reading Dark & White Chocolate Pumpkin Scones