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a nice peaceful day to offset the fact that this recipe was a last minute resort to being non-wasteful and saving ugly rhubarb....oh...and the strawberries were on sale. neurotic: hello everyone! i feel so nervous posting this recipe after how well my last post did, i am very much exultant that something i really adored… Continue reading STRAWBERRY RHUBARB SQUARES

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My first proper cocktail post – this isn’t my first beverage post, but damn this one is the best by a long shot! I’m not the heaviest of drinkers and when it comes to drinkers I have two rules: 1. I have to be in mexico or 2. I have to be inside my house.… Continue reading ADULT SUMMER IN A GLASS – MANDARIN ORANGES AND STRAWBERRY SYRUP COCKTAILS

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Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberries Turnovers

In baking we don’t turn up we make turnovers!!! Yes that was lame but I’m still cracking up!!! Well hello everyone! I’m really starting to love posting, I’ve always been crazy nervous whenever a post would go up but now I get excited, I don’t know exactly why but it’s a good feeling, maybe I’m… Continue reading Lemon Curd + Roasted Strawberries Turnovers

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Independence Day Marshmallows

This post is titled Independence Day Marshmallows, but this is also great for Midsummer, 17Mai, Bastille Day or a Captain America viewing party. If we’re being honest, I’d go for the latter. Red, white and blue: the color of a boat load of nation flags, but today we’re talking about America’s red, white and blue.… Continue reading Independence Day Marshmallows