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i’ve been dreaming about this recipe for the longest time, but just recently did i finally have the courage to do it. it’s been a long few weeks in the recipe development area over here – i’ve had three other recipes just not work out and while i do plan on trying it again, i… Continue reading ORANGE SESAME SEEDS MARSHMALLOW COOKIE SANDWICHES

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Strawberry + Pomegranate Pates de Fruit

I’m pretty stoked about today’s post. I’m really trying to expand this blog into wider sweet territories that you all hopefully want to try out someday. Today we’re making pate de fruit, Strawberry + Pomegranate Pates de Fruit, which is French for fruit jelly, but saying pate de fruit (pronounced: PAHT duh fruit or pat… Continue reading Strawberry + Pomegranate Pates de Fruit