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i’m currently in a jam obsession and now that i know how easy it is to make jams it may be on this blog as much as *gasp* lemons! i feel like i have a bunch of creative juices flowing right now! maybe it’s from being home more often thanks to this arizona heat and… Continue reading NECTARINE JAM & VANILLA BEAN CAKE || NFS

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Vanilla Bean Scones

Hey everyone! Today I’m taking a very well-known treat and making it at home. I’m sure with the whole Starbucks boom the past few years everyone knows about their infamous vanilla bean scones and I’m also sure you all know how much they cost too! So I decided to make it at home and it… Continue reading Vanilla Bean Scones

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Chocolate + Marshmallow Macarons

Hey everyone! Today we’re trying something new and just in time for Easter, I wanted to do a little twist on the usual treats we got for Easter as a kid, those chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies, so I opted to take an adult treat (macarons) and make it fun enough to remind us of our… Continue reading Chocolate + Marshmallow Macarons